Saturday, April 21, 2012


Well folks, I have had just about more excitement than one day deserves so far. And it's only lunchtime.

 Had coffee and goodies at the local bakery with my 3 favorite men (my dad, my husband, and my son).  Keeley's it was, for all you locals that have experienced the finest baked goods in the eastern seaboard Pennsylvania.  Sarah, my youngest daughter, makes the best in the East, and Central, and West, of course.

Then, I weeded out a few expired coupons.  (Don't read any further if you are sleepy.)  And started a load of wash.  (Snore, snore.)

AND!   and this is almost more technology than I can bear in one eon, I am learning how to BLOG.  Yes, me, Jill, learning to blog.  To my 4 kids, stop it - I know you are rolling your eyes.

My day will get even better later, when my most-adorable-in-the-whole-world-twin-5-year-old granddaughters are coming over for a sleepover tonight.  Well, "sleep" may be a misnomer, if we think back to the last one.  (It was asleep at 2:30 AM, and up at 5:30 AM.)  Yup I love those kiddos.  Usually.

Just bought a new camera too.  A Canon PowerShot SX260 HS, so look out.  Before long I will even be adding photos.  (I have no idea what all those numbers and letters mean, but it looks impressive to me.)  At least, when I took a trial picture of the junk laying on my kitchen table, the picture in the "Screen LCD Monitor" seemed to really look clearly exactly impressively just like the junk on my table.  I guess that's what one wants in a camera.

So then, look for more reports on my ventures into technology, or non-sleeping tonight with the kiddos, to come.  Stay tuned...

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