Sunday, April 22, 2012

Nail Art and Crazy Eights

A fun time was had by all last night.   Translation, the twins slept long enough overnight to keep me happy.

But I must back up to the beginning of the festivities.  The twins always arrive with some sort of mindset that they are now at Germall's (that's me) Disneyworld.  So, the first sensible girls' outing was to the nail shop.  Johnn and his beautiful wife at Starr Nails Salon and Spa in Lewisburg outdid themselves with some beautiful nail art on the twins tiny fingers.  The twins walked out of there feeling like princesses and "checking" their nails every 5 minutes or so.  So thrilled with themselves.  Don't you just love the feeling of seeing a child feeling so good about him or herself?

Next was dinner at Lewisburg's famous Street of Shops, by request of the girls again.  (There are certain activities that always must be done every every every time they come.)  We always eat there.  We always eat eggs.  And jelly from the little jelly containers, right out of the little box with a spoon, with no shame.  My mother would be appalled amused.  This place is such a hole in the wall, but almost always busy.  Food is Ok, not great, not lousy, but the setting and weirdness of it all makes it a candidate in my mind for the book Roadfood.  I love that book.  Whenever we travel I always check if there are Roadfood restaurants anywhere along our route.  We have eaten at some doosies  - either the decor or history or food or all is memorable in some fashion.

For dessert we ate ice cream cones in the car on the way back to Germall's, and from this point on, the evening got exciting.  What had started out as a calm and mildly entertaining visit segued quickly into vicious and cutthroat card-playing.  "Crazy Eights" no less.  Two hours of escalating stealth and strategy.  Hoarding of the number 8 cards.  Such blatant hoarding to the point where I actually checked the rules card to see if that was allowed.  Hmmm.  Didn't say.  The makers of the game obviously, although the game is recommended for 4+, have not met my absolute-cutest-in-the-world-twins-but-vicious-in-competition granddaughters.

It was intense.  Fierce.  Vicious.  After two hours of many rounds of battle, and a moderate amount of cheating, the score was here:

                Germall:  6 (rounds won)
                Tori:  4
                Brianna:  6

By now Tori was fairly irked and stated in a very organized way why, and these are her words:

   "#1  I spilled my chocolate milk all over at the restaurant.
     #2  The top of my ice cream cone went kablob down onto my pants and
     #3  I am not winning."

To rectify the situation, apparently, she tore off a new sheet of paper and started a new tally sheet.  (That always fixes everything of course.)  In the process she spelled Brianna's name wrong, writing Banana instead, which really pissed off Brianna > pushing and shoving > someone was gonna get hurt > I told them we should stop before we all turn into monkeys.  End of game.  Off to bed.

Oh, I always feel like a winner when I am with my grandkids.  Yup.


  1. mom, this is so funny. I just sat here laughing and clearly visualizing my girls doing all this :)

  2. ha, i figured out how to comment on your blog so all my comments aren't from an anonymous creepy person.

  3. A great "a-venture" was had by all.