Sunday, April 29, 2012

Weirdness in the Woods

This is real camping, folks, right here:

We just returned from a weekend at Raymond B. Winters State Park in the wilds of central Pennsylvania, and our camping weekend was, at best, quiet, relaxing, and private.  

Our very private and scenic campsite

The husband/lover/best friend and I enjoyed good food and hours of quiet conversation and companionship.  At worst, it was windy and cold, penning us inside the camper much of the time, and we had numerous mini-moments of WEIRDNESS.

See if you think any of these things are just a bit, well, "off:"

Bob telling the incoming neighbors to "Get the **** out!   leave.
(He likes a private campsite.) 

Is that a fence jutting out of the log?  Where did that come from?

Ridiculous but excellent snack

A weird fungus in the driveway?  No, just a pony-tail holder.

Bob has his own weird fashion sense

WEIRDLY enough, I cannot wait for the next trip.  A bon voyage it was.