Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Booger Math

So Brianna's ridiculous and out-of-her-mind teacher tells my daughter at a recent teacher and parent conference that Brianna "is having mathematical difficulty and will need professional tutoring."

Well.  This is my granddaughter, one of the cutest-sweetest-most-wonderful-twins in the world.  I am a math educator.  My hackles are up.  And for goodness sake, this is kindergarten.  Professional tutoring?  Paleeeese.  Wait a minute.....I am a professional math educator and tutor.  Do you see where this is going?

Now I have studied a lot about how students learn the best.  Meaning, if we can identify a student's primary LEARNING MODALITY, we can teach in methods that will facilitate maximum learning and retention.

A student who is primarily a VISUAL learner likes to see things done.  Likes watching the teacher write on the chalkboard.  Likes looking at pictures and books.

A student who is an AUDITORY learner learns best when hearing the instruction.  He or she likes listening to lectures, recordings or story-telling.

Then there are the students who are KINESTHETIC learners.  They are hands on kiddos.  They like to touch things, do things, move around.

Well then.  Don't all 5-year-olds basically like to run around and play?  They are kids!  Geez!

So - I decided to go with the hands on method (Kinesthetic), or in this case perhaps, hands in.  (Sorry.)

Here it is, ready for Brianna's tutoring session:



1.  If you have 5 boogers and find 2 more, how many boogers do you have?
2.  If you have 7 boogers and eat 2 (hey, all kids do this at one time or another), how many are left?

Brianna took the challenge, and the results are in:

There you have it!  She's a genius!  The lineage flows!  

Tutoring shmutering.  She's fine.  

Until next time, may you all find and pick some fun.  Heehee.


  1. Oh for gods sake, I can't figure out how to log on so you have a picture by my post. I think briannas teacher is a whackadoo. No really i think shes a very good kindergarten teacher, but they expect a little too much from 5 year olds. Maybe not. Brianna and Tori can write their numbers to 100, add, subtract, read level 1 and 2 books, AND write complete sentences. Pretty impressive. Brianna told me last night after booger math that she was "a vewy smart girl who should be in 2nd gwade NOT kindergarten."

  2. Yes and I knew that already.

  3. Jill, I disagree with your theory that all kids eat their boogers at some time. While I admit that I picked more than my fair share as a kid, and still do--you and another of your daughters can attest to this--I maintain that I have never eaten a booger. It never crossed my mind as something pleasurable to consume or even to put in my mouth. Please rescind your heinously offensive generalization.


  4. Haha Lance. Please accept my apologies. You are right, I was wrong.

  5. I don't eat boogers either...just ear wax and belly button lint. Rachel