Monday, April 30, 2012

Snakes and Calendars

I was awakened this morning by a hellish nightmare in which a large snake was draped across the top of my pillow.  Ugh!  Mondays are rough enough without a start like that.

I was trying to think what subconscious thing could have caused that hideous dream, and I recalled a newly installed plaque I had seen yesterday at the campground. The DCNR placed this new sign right outside the bath house so you would be sure to see it on your way in:


I hate snakes.  I really hate snakes.  Apparently, last camping season there were several rattlesnakes that made their way a little too far into the campground, so now the DCNR is "educating the public on safe ways to enjoy nature."  Have I mentioned I HATE SNAKES?

So anyway.  It is the last day of April, which got me thinking to get ready to change to the next page in each of my calendars.  

Our 3 main calendars (there are others too)

In the upper left is our FAMILY CALENDAR, which I love.  It was a Christmas gift from one of our daughters, Rachel, on which each page features recent photos of various family members.  I don't even write on it.

The calendar in the upper right sits on the desk in our kitchen, and it is the one on which I write anything my husband/lover/best friend must remember.  I do not clog it up with other stuff because sometimes men are simple people and just need to know the basics.  Car repairs, haircuts, and his doctor visits go on this one.

Then on the bottom you see THE MASTER CALENDAR.  If our house is burning down this is the one thing I will grab to take with me.  Well, maybe my camera too.  Any my laptop.  That's all I need....my calendar, my camera, and my laptop.  (Side note:  Have you seen the old Steve Martin movie "The Jerk?")  That's all I need....Yup.  On this calendar is EVERYTHING, including things like when was my last colonoscopy and when is my next lunch with a friend.  (Maybe those 2 things should not inhabit the same sentence.)

The ceremonial monthly Changing Of The Pages has now occurred.  (Note to happy self:  I can now see the much anticipated words "Leave for Jamaica!")

In addition, there is one more monthly calendar that I use which I wanted to show you.  It is my April fitness calendar.  For those of you that don't know me well yet, I am somewhat into fitness.  Over a long amount of time I have achieved a great weight loss (132 pounds), by exercising and trying to eat healthier.  Recent major surgery has set me back, though, and I have gained a pile back during the months when I was unable to work out to the level I was used to.  

Typically I work out usually 5-6 days a week at either of 2 gyms.  I go to the Evangelical Hospital's Fitness Center in Lewisburg, Pennsylvania (Mondays, Wednesdays, Fridays, and some Saturdays.)  On Tuesdays and Thursdays I travel to Williamsport to train at the Golden Dragon Family Training Center.
So, being a ridiculously organized person, I figured if I wrote stuff down, I would slowly, methodically get back in shape.  Some sort of accountability system for myself I guess.  Here you see my APRIL CALENDAR OF FITNESS and I will explain my codes after it:

A - I was away.  (Depending on the situation of being away, I don't always exercise. )

BC - Body Combat (A martial arts-inspired high intensity aerobic workout.)

Z - Zumba dance

CP - Couch Potato (means I slacked.  Usually every Sunday I take off, so on a 6 day calendar like this one an extra CP is not good.)

D - HiLo Dance class

K/J/J - One hour of kickboxing followed by 2 1/2 hours of Judo and Jujitsu

FOF - "Fit Over Fifty" (A combination of aerobics and weight lifting for "mature" women, code = class for geezers.)

B - Exercise Bike ride

W - Weight lifting machines

So there you have it.  My feeble attempts at fitness.  The May fitness calendar is waiting to be filled in, just as my too fat because I ate too much crap body is waiting to become slim, svelte and fit. 

Be safe, be fit, and enjoy the rest of your Monday.  Like I said before, sometimes Mondays are rough. 

P.S.  I am not even showing you my "Bills To Pay" calendar.  That would be too much for a nice Monday.


  1. We have Three Calenders. One on Kathy's desk where most appointments are made and the duplicated to our Dayplanner so if we are out and someone wants to schedule something we know we are safe. The last one shows all the dates we are on the road and moves from our desk to the trailer for every trip.

    Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time.

  2. Yes, and I didn't even write about the Calendar that lists all our "ADVENTURES." Of course that is my favorite.

  3. And you soon will need to be writing on your calender which day of each week you want the girlies :) I'm still waiting for those dates by the way.