Monday, April 23, 2012

Laundry Treasure

A rainy, cold, dreary Monday it is, so I think I'll share a bit of "this and that" with you.

First, a bit of follow-up from the weekend with the-most-adorable-in-the-whole-world twins.  Remember I mentioned the trip to Star Nails Salon and Spa with the girls, and how proud of themselves they were when they left the shop?  Here's the artwork in all its glory:

Brianna's on left, Tori's on right

And then we filled the evening with several hours of cutthroat "Crazy Eights." 

Trouble holding all the cards at times
Is Tori manipulating the score perhaps?
Which brings us to today, Monday.  Mondays are rough.  Especially after a particularly fun weekend.  And by the way, am I the only person who thinks that The Big Guy always speeds up the clocks on the weekend and then slows things down again throughout the week?

Anyway, so Monday mornings it is my habit to pay the bills that are due.  As I said Mondays are rough.  But I am like a toddler who thrives on routine, and so every Monday morning I sit down and pay what I owe.

Then also on Mondays, I typically do several loads of laundry.  Which brought today a little gem of a treasure, my Laundry Treasure.  If you do your own wash, I'm sure that over time you will come upon various treasures in the course of sorting, washing, drying, and folding your clothing.   I got thinking of the things I had found in the pockets or machines just during the last week:

1.  A quarter  (I'm pretty happy with that find, like some sort of a jackpot really)
2.  A list for a Sunday morning run through Dunkin' Donuts (yup I fed the kiddos donuts for breakfast)
3.  Several walnut-sized lint bombs
4.  The paper wrapper from a McDonald's ice cream cone (retrieved from the cone when it "kablobbed" onto Tori's pant leg)
5.  5269 pieces of a tissue scattered throughout a recent load
6.  A clear round sticker with XL marked on it (I'm hoping I didn't wear that all day on my new shirt)
7.  A tiny spring I think from inside a pen (My daughter Sarah ate one of these one time when she was a toddler, and for several days I had to....well never mind)
8.  What you see in the picture below

Yup, the laundry treasure of my very exciting Monday - doggie poop bags.  Must've been in Caleb's pajama pocket.  (He has a very energetic 9 month old, 60 pound Weimeraner puppy named Sheila.)  The day can only get better, I guess.

Tomorrow, perhaps I will talk about The One True Sport.  Any guesses as to what it is?
Until then, wishing you all a Monday evening filled with "treasures."



  1. Don't put the poop bags in the dryer.sheila poops are big poops...and shrunken bags won't cut it.

  2. Please remove all items from pockets before tossing dirty laundry into the hamper. If you want me to continue doing your wash, that is....