Friday, December 13, 2013

Washi Tape Christmas Trees

Frame with back removed
I knew that with my fascination with washi tape, I'd have to make at least one or two Christmas crafts using it.  Today I'll show you the simple washi tape Christmas trees I've put together.  I had one very blank wall in a room in our house that just needed something hung there, and these two Christmas trees will do the job.

For this project, you will need:

-Shadow box picture frame(s)
-Scrapbook paper for the background
-Several rolls of washi tape (or colored papers)
-Tiny Christmas embellishments
-Bakers twine or other narrow ribbon
-Glue gun or double sided tape

Since my two trees will have some texture and depth, I decided to use two matching shadow box frames.  I found a pack of three of these at Michael's for under $10, so that works for me.  You can choose whatever size frame you want, depending on how large you plan to make your trees.

First remove the cardboard back of the frame, and use it as a pattern to cut a paper background for your picture.

Select the washi tapes you will use for your trees.  I basically pulled out any tapes having red or green patterns, along with some brown for the tree trunks.  If you don't have any washi tape, there is no reason you couldn't do this same craft with colored strips of paper and a glue stick.

I drew a few light pencil markings on my background page as guidelines for the shape of my tree.  Then I simply tore off pieces of tape and stuck them down.  I purposely was a bit haphazard in the tape placement.

Then I added just a few stick on embellishments I had in my sticker collection.  They add a tiny bit of depth and color contrast.  Here is the first finished tree.

Notice I didn't tape all the way to the top of the page.  I wanted the tree top to be visible within the picture frame.

Now I wanted the two trees to coordinate, yet be different, too.  So, I used a different background paper for the second one and created a different type of a tree.

First I used one of the darker tapes to create the outline of a Christmas tree.

In order to create a washi tape banner, I started by folding over small pieces of tapes along a strand of bakers twine.  Later I trimmed these to make them into little triangle shapes.

I attached the banner to the tree by gluing it at each edge, then covering the glue spot with a small stick on embellishment.  Here is the second finished tree:

As before the shadow frame allows for the depth of the protruding banner and ornaments.

So there's my pair of coordinating washi tape Christmas trees.  I'm sure they'll give some pleasant holiday cheer to that one blank wall.

I'm not ready to be putting away my washi tapes yet, though.  In the next week or so, I'll be doing one more washi tape craft with them.

Stay tuned for "Washi Tape Gift Tags."

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