Friday, December 20, 2013

Another Crafty Hour

Christmas washi tapes
In getting ready for the Christmas present wrapping extravaganza, this year I decided to make my own gift tags.

Over the years I've tried to use up all our purchased holiday gift tags, you know, those stick-on ones that come 100 or 300 in a pack and never go away?  Well, after 35 years of wrapping Christmas presents in this household, I'm down to the last 20 or so, and there's a reason I keep avoiding using those last 20.  They.  Are.  Just.  Ugly.

 So, I decided to raid my crafting stocks and put some tags together on my own.  After about just one relaxing, quiet, pleasant hour of craftiness, I had 25 or so tags ready to use.

Since I'm fascinated with washi tape, I dug out all my Christmas patterned tapes and some others, too.  I found some package tags, baker's twine, and colored ribbons.

Finally, I located some Christmas stickers and embellishments that I thought could be put to good use.

Then I went to work.  A piece or two of tape here, a sticker there, and a tie.  Done.

Looking back at all the finished tags, it seems as though I was working in color groupings or themes.  

Here are some of the finished tags made in the red and green Christmas theme:

I had a few turquoise and purple Christmas ornament stickers, so I found some washi tapes in those colors and ran with it.

Itching to use up some of my glittery star stickers, I made several tags in the silver and gold star theme.

Making simple washi tags would be a fun afternoon project for elementary aged children to do.  In fact, they could make a bunch of them and even box them up as a handmade Christmas gift.

Easy to use and elegant on the packages.

Now, if I could just get my puppy to stay away from those little strings and ribbons....


  1. You are definitely the #1 craft lady of Blogland. Another great idea.

  2. Nice! But you should use a glitter marker to write the names on :)

  3. Beautiful looking tags. Anyone would sure appreciate a gift with one of those on it.