Tuesday, December 17, 2013

There's A Clark Griswold in the House....

His exterior plan
...and he is decking the halls, inside and out.

Boy, does this guy love his family.

These last two weeks he has been busy almost every day after he gets home from work, making drawings and executing his plans, both for exterior illumination and interior festivity.

Let's start with the outside.

Over the weekend we had our largest snow storm to date this winter, and there he is, in the cold, blowing, snowing weather, installing our exterior illumination.

What a guy!  He is the ultimate family man.  The kids are coming, the grandkids are coming, the whole fam-damily is coming, and he's out there all bundled up, fighting the elements and making it ready for them.

He's the best!  The ultimate Clark Griswold family man.

He added a few new features this year, including these lanterns.  The flickering candles inside them are on timers and light up for five hours each evening.

For the final touch, he hung this welcoming wreath on our front door.  A spotlight makes it the focal point of the porch.

Now for the inside.  He's been busy helping me with much of the decorating in there, also.

The Christmas tree is finally finished.  It was a two week process (new tree, new decorations, new tree-topper, new tree skirt, and excavation of the old pickle.)

After shopping unsuccessfully for Christmas tree skirts in all our local department stores, and refusing to pay the high prices for those China imports, I decided to make a skirt myself.  Two yards of fabric, $8.32, and 15 minutes later, I had myself a tree skirt that works for us and will last through the years.

Our resident cardinal flew in finally, too, and helped arrange the beaded garland onto the tree.

Our tiny 16 inch tree from our kids' college dorm rooms is part of the decor again this year.  We just can't seem to get rid of it.  I guess it has too many memories associated with it.

Finally, our reminder of the real reason for the season.  It wouldn't seem right if we didn't include our extensive manger scene.  The hubby did the scene design all by himself this year.  He's way taller than me and so placing the figurines up on the fireplace mantel is easier for him.  He arranged it a little differently from last year.

Here are a few closer views of the scenes, from left to right on the mantel:

This year we changed the location of our stockings, too.  They are now hung on the stairway bannister.

Son Caleb has already begun his every morning routine of squeezing the stocking toes.  Last year Santa fooled him.  Even though extreme snooper Caleb did his every morning stocking toe squeeze, he didn't realize until Christmas morning that all along there had been a $20 bill down in the toe of his stocking.  I think Santa's absolutely brilliant. 

So we are ready for our guests and ready for Santa.

Over in the next town, these two pretty girls are having some fun while they wait for Santa, too.

Grandtwins Brianna and Tori
I've heard it said that this is the "Almost There Week."

I betcha those two girls are wishing it was the "We're There Week."

Christmas is coming, ready or not, and that's just fine with me.


  1. I love it all! Can't wait to see everything!

  2. I used to be like your husband, now we don't even put up a tree. When I was a kid, my job was to build a stable and manger with my Lincoln Logs. I have lots of great memories.

  3. I am glad that others still like doing that. I enjoy seeing the results, but now I keep it pretty basic around here.

  4. Very pretty! You look very festive . . . and I love that your husband draws up plans!!

  5. Everything is so beautiful. Would you two like to come decorate our motorhome?