Thursday, December 12, 2013

Reindeer Poop

Yesterday I gave directions for making reindeer food to sprinkle in the yard on Christmas eve.  If there are any kiddos in your clan that may be concerned about whether or not Santa will come, help them make some of my reindeer food, and that way those reindeer will bring Santa right on down, and all will be good.

Of course, if there are reindeer, then there will be reindeer poo, too.  May I suggest you put together some silly pouches of reindeer poop to give to those same children on Christmas day?  Watch and smile as those cute little faces light up in wonder.

You can find some free printable labels for this project on the website Organized Home.  I printed out several sizes of these labels, until I found a size that would be just a tad smaller than a snack-sized ziploc bag.

Next I cut out the labels and mounted each one onto a piece of Christmas patterned scrapbook paper, roughly twice the size of the label.  This will enable you to fold the poem card over the top of your bag.  I used double sided tape to mount the labels.  Easy peasy.

To make the job of filling the bags easiest, I recommend that you attach the labels first.  A good idea is to staple the label over the bottom edge of the bag, so that the candy can be accessed through the ziploc without having to tear the label off and possibly tear holes in the bag.  Three staples close to the edge will do it.

Gather up some small ziploc bags and raisinets, and you are ready to fill your pouches.

Scoop some "poop" in and they are ready to go!  These little sacks of poo could be used as silly stocking stuffers, or load a bunch of them into a basket and add it to your dessert buffet on Christmas day.

I'm sure all the kids, young and old, will get a kick out of these.

And thus ends my two day series on "Preparing for the Reindeer":  reindeer food and reindeer poop.

The before and after.

The beginning and the end.

Ho ho ho!

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  1. Great blog, Jill. Being a past hunter in the Pennsylvania woods, I sure do know what deer poop looks like on snow. Love to walk in the woods after a fresh show, especially on a moonlit night.