Thursday, December 5, 2013

Back to Civilization

We are home and back into the land of electricity, flushing toilets, internet, and cell phones, and today is turning into one of those "I need a vacation from my vacation" days.

We had a cozy time up in the mountains at our little cabin, enjoying the holidays, good food, and relaxation.

There were roaring fires, along with the hauling of plenty of firewood.

There were snowsuits and boots, and one treacherous road up the mountain.

There were tacos consumed this year, in lieu of the traditional turkey.  The family voted and that's what they wanted.  (With pumpkin pie and fruit salad, of course.)

There were several rides taken into the woods on sport vehicles of the four wheel variety.

There were silly Thanksgiving and turkey jokes read to us by the seven year old twins.

There were massive quantities of good food, with no lacking of baked goods.

There was one cutthroat game of Farkle and several ipad adventures.

There were naps.

There was a Keurig coffeemaker, powered by the generator.

There was theater night with popcorn and a showing of the movie "Four Christmases."  (TV powered by a battery.)

There was a tiny tree decorated for Christmas.

There were many books and magazines read and shared.

There were as many as 12 people there at once.

There were 4387 toilet flushes.  All by filling and dumping a bucket.  I counted.

There was one beautiful sunset that made it appear as if the woods were on fire.

There were a few repair jobs made at the cabin, as always.

There was fun and laughter, and the usual family squabbles, too.

And now it's December.

There are boxes and coolers of leftover foods to put away.

There are mountains and mountains of dirty clothing and bedding to wash.

There are new menus to plan.

And wow - Christmas is only 20 days away.

Yup, I need a vacation from my vacation, but that's OK.

It's good to be home.


  1. Sounds like you had a wonderful time!

  2. Such wonderful memories you created.

  3. Oh what a wonderful time you all had!! Wish I could have been there. There is nothing nicer than snow in the Pennsylvania mountains. I just loved walking in a deep forest after a fresh snow fall. I miss it but please, just keep it up your way.

  4. You stole my snow picture. And for the record SOME of us wanted to be like the pilgrims and have some darn turkey! :) rachel