Thursday, November 7, 2013

Ten + One Announcements

There seems to be all sorts of random stuff going on these days, and I need to unclutter my brain and tell you all about some of it.

I've narrowed it down to what I'll call Ten Plus One announcements, and by the end of this post you will completely understand why.

Here they are:

1.  Recently while camping in the Bald Eagle State Park, in Howard, Pennsylvania, the husband/lover/driver and I discovered that the park system has built a very lovely inn overlooking the lake area.

Bald Eagle State Park Nature Inn

It has its own access road within the park.  We discovered a sign at the entrance, followed the road up the hill a ways, and were astonished to see this beautiful lodge come into sight around the bend.

Entrance sign at the Bald Eagle State Park Nature Inn

Here is the view from the road below the lake side of the inn:

We spoke to a young family who was leaving the lodge.  They reported that they had stayed there several times and that the suites are large and comfortable, some of them containing kitchenettes.  I looked on the internet later, and accessed the rates chart, finding that the rates are definitely higher in the summer season.  The young couple also warned us that we should not even try to book a room during any home Penn State University football game weekend.

view from lower road of the Bald Eagle State Park Nature Inn

I don't know if we would ever stay in this lodge, since we prefer to be in our own camper.  However, this beautiful lodge may be an option for some travelers, and I'm wondering if any readers have seen similar lodges in other state parks.

2.  I'm studying, practicing, and learning how to do some stylish scarf tying.  Stay tuned for a future blog post, but here is a preview:

diagram of scarf tying

3.  Usually I'm pretty crafty during each holiday season.  This year I totally missed all the Halloween craftiness, but here was what I meant to work on.  Maybe next year.

Halloween treats:  Mummy made out of a can

4.  Son Caleb and his girlfriend Stacy recently travelled to New York for a zip-line adventure.  You all know how much he loves those adrenaline-inducing sports.

zip-line adventure

5.  We saw this interesting flower recently, and are wondering what it is called.  It looks like a yellow brain to me.  Anybody know?

yellow brain flower

6.  Recently my brother Bruce attended the Reading Pretzel Festival, in Reading, Pennsylvania, along with some family friends and the pretzel boy mascot of Tom Sturgis Pretzels.

attendees at the Reading Pretzel Festival, Pennsylvania

7.  I've been inundated with loads of chocolate, following the Lititz (Pennsylvania) Chocolate Walk I attended back in October.  Because chocolate is healthy, I make it my business to eat a piece every day.  See here what I found on the internet, and you know that whatever you read on the internet is true, right?
chocolate factoid

8.  The building where I got my recent mammogram must be a dangerous place.  This notice was on the front door:

No weapons allowed sign

9.  Deer hunting season in Pennsylvania is right around the corner.  It'll be here before you know it.

Amish buggy with deer on the back

10.  I have learned that it is now possible to buy a roll of toilet paper made of 22 carat gold.  This toilet paper (for the filthy rich and utterly stupid) costs merely $1,376,000 per roll.  Oh, and it's three-ply to ensure the utmost comfort.

How many small countries would that money feed?  This item was added to my "Things I Hate" Pinterest board.

Those were my trivial TEN announcements, and now, the BIG ONE:

We received this exciting picture several days ago:

ultrasound photo of baby

Yes!  That's what you think it is - another grandchild for us.  Daughter Sarah and her husband Lance are excited for their baby which will make its entrance mid-May of 2014.

We are so excited for them, and you better believe it....



  1. Congratulations!! to you all. Such wonderful and exciting news!!

  2. Nothing like a new grandchild. Congratulations. The rest of the announcements were pretty good too, especially the one about chocolate haha!

  3. Congratulations on a new Grandchild, May will be a special time for you.

  4. Congrats on the new grandchild and for saving the best for the last.