Friday, November 8, 2013

Budding Bookworms

I am a voracious reader, a true bookworm.

Given a quiet evening at home, and a choice of playing a game, seeing a movie, doing a puzzle, watching television, baking cookies or reading a book, the book will always win out.  Add to that a comfy blanket, a crackling fire, and a small glass of wine, and this gal is in heaven.

Sacajawea book cover

Right now I am reading perhaps the longest book I've ever read in my life.  I purchased Anna Lee Waldo's Sacajawea back in October during our trip to South Dakota.  This paperback book is 1408 pages and 2 3/16 inches thick.  And, the words are printed in a small, tight font.  That's one honkin' big paperback.

Sacajawea book

We were at the Crazy Horse Monument and I found this book, appropriately, in the gift store there, along with all sorts of other Indian-related stuff.  Jackpot.  For me, there is no greater souvenir than a book.  In fact, I can always justify the expense when it comes to reading material.

That purchase was made over a month ago, and even though I'm a fast reader, I'm still plodding through it.  The weird thing is, though, that I'm having the sense that I may have already read it years ago.

So then, today, when I took my twin granddaughters to our church to spend some time in its fabulous play area (today was a school in-service day and this grandma was called into duty), I shouldn't have been surprised when we all seemed to be magnetically sucked into the church bookstore on our way to the play area.

I'm such soft putty when I hear the "Can we please pick out one book?" plea.  Oh yeah.  I'm a sucker for books.  In no time Tori and Brianna had each picked out a book, and then we headed over to the play area.

Here is a view of this awesome play space that the church has installed, both for church families and community folks too.  I've taken the picture while sitting in the parents' lounge adjacent to The Cube, as it's named.  Oh, and did I say the play area and parents' lounge is accessed through the door from the coffeehouse?

indoor playground
Take note of the child in the lower right corner of the picture.
  Here's where the budding bookworms are showing themselves.  I sent the kiddos in to play and next thing you know, I look in to check them and there they are, reading their new books to each other and some new friends.

kids reading in indoor playground

It was the cutest thing.  Ever.

Of course, I was reading my book, too.  But then, a bit later, I noticed Brianna off by herself, in a corner, reading again.

child reading in indoor playground

Bookworms.  Definitely.

And in my book, that's a great thing.

Now, you may be curious about what books the girls had picked out for themselves.  Honestly, I stood back, gave no input, and let them pick their books entirely on their own.

Tori picked a pink and black princess-themed journal.

Brianna picked a 1500 page Kids' Bible.

No kidding.


  1. I have read a lot about her in the Lewis and Clark journals, but over 1400 pages is a bit to long. I promised myself after I finished Atlas Shrugged that I would not read a book that long again:)

  2. I started reading that book years ago but never did finish it. Just couldn't force my way through it. I love to read. I have my NOOK, my Kindle app on my phone and a bag full of books so I'm never without a book anywhere.

  3. It's great to see kids loving to read books - fantastic!

    That sure is one big-honking book! Good luck.