Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Another Lovely Weekend on the Mountain Top

cabin front porch
Front Porch
I'm back home again, following another relaxing long weekend at our cabin up in the mountains.

I'm gonna sneak out an exciting piece of news, that being, there will soon be a new cabin.  Of course I've been following the progress of that ongoing project whenever I head up to our mountaintop retreat.

That being said, I'm feeling a bit nostalgic as I think about all the happy times we have spent there, and all the quaint, rustic features of our old cabin and the place in general.  I guess that's what was going on in my mind as I wondered around the property and through the rooms of our home away from home.

Of course, I was snapping pictures, too.

The sun was shining, the air was breezy and cool, and a few leaves were gracefully falling from the trees.  Here are some of the views from the front porch:

view from the porch

view from the porch

And a little bit of porch "decor" too:

deer antlers

Out back of the cabin, I noticed this interesting growth on the side of a tree:

tree fungus

And all around, the rocks below were covered with bright green moss.  The forest floor almost seemed illuminated from below at places.

moss on forest floor

We found this old horseshoe out there a while back.  Our theory is that it came from a known logging trail that was in use many years ago.  It is displayed on the stones above the living room fireplace.

old horseshoe

Other treasures located in the living room include some very old books, many of them full of hunting and fishing stories,

old fishing and hunting books

and a special picture of a fisherman, painted by my grandfather years before he passed away.

painting of a fisherman

It's always a bit sad when the weekend ends and we have to return to civilization and the chores of everyday life.

We have our closing-up-the-cabin-until-next-time routine.  We make sure the toilet is flushed, using our handy system if the spring is low:

buckets of water

We make sure all the lights are turned out, propane and other:

bedside lamp

We sweep up a bit:

simple sweeper

And then we check to be sure all the windows are locked:

primitive window lock

We schlep all our stuff out to the truck and move on outta there, back to home.

Oh, I almost forgot - we pass by this painting of a prayerful man every time we go on our way out the front door:

picture of old praying man

In case you are wondering what is on that little card in the corner, we have written down what we suspect he is praying:

"Lord give me grace to catch a fish
So big that even I,
When speaking of it afterwards,
Will never need to lie."


  1. Love your cabin and the pictures fit in perfectly along with the poem.

  2. Loved this old cabin. If only the walls could talk.

  3. What a wonderful place to spend time. Really like that prayer:)

  4. What a nice cabin and a great looking spot to relax in.

  5. Who or what about the painting of an old man praying Im try to find out the artist or someone that knows about the painting leas2@yahoo.com

  6. Your retreat is lovely! I would also like to know the artist who painted the old man praying. Thank you! practicelove@hushmail.com