Friday, April 26, 2013

Seek and Destroy Mission

As hinted at in yesterday's post, the husband/lover/beach boy and I headed out on another adventure.  Last evening we drove the five or so hours southeast to Wildwood, New Jersey.  To our family and friends, yes, we are just crazy enough to head to the beach in April, and here's the proof:

Do you see the ocean in the distance?
In fact, I can confidently say that we, yes we, essentially OPENED THE NEW JERSEY BEACH FOR THE SEASON.  You can all come down now.

For one, we checked into our hotel, which is right on the beach, on its very first night of the season.  No leftover bedbugs in there to worry about.  Here are some views from our balcony:

The beginning of the Wildwood boardwalk is right there.                                                    
The view northwest into Wildwood
 And furthermore, we were the very first customers of the season to dine in the attached hotel restaurant:

Open and ready for business
Ordering the very first cup of coffee and eggs of the season.                                                                                     
We were on a mission that was multi-faceted:

1.  Seek out the best campsite down in the Cape May area of the New Jersey beaches.

2.  Eat as much Mack's pizza as possible in a two night trip.

3.  Experience the wellbeing that comes from breathing lots of seashore air.

I am happy to report that we accomplished all of our goals, and enjoyed ourselves thoroughly while doing so.

This morning we visited and toured about five or six campgrounds.  We know now which campground has wide enough roads and sites to comfortably accommodate our new fifth wheel camper.  Some of the more family oriented campgrounds have super amenities, planned activities, swimming and mini golf, all that would appeal to children and teens.

As for us, we're just two geezers that need a quiet place to relax with our camper - a central location from which to branch out and see the local sights.  We found a simple campground that we think will be a good fit for us.

While looking around in one of the campground resorts, we saw the strangest thing:  this male turkey strutting around in one of the sites.

The security guard at the exit gate told us the story of this beautiful bird.  Apparently some campers had this turkey and were going to kill it and eat it.  The campground management didn't want that to happen, so they bought the campers a frozen turkey in exchange.  Now this unusual turkey just lives in the campground, roaming from site to site and chasing the lady turkeys.  

I've never seen a turkey with these colorations:

After seeking out a good campground, next we headed to Mack's pizza, the best pizza on earth, in my opinion.  We quickly inhaled an entire large pizza, just the two of us.  (This was the "destroy" part of our Seek and Destroy mission.)

On the boardwalk
                                                                     This wall hanging has been there since I was a child.
The interior has its same old pink and purple color scheme.

Ohhh myyyyyy

Our last goal is being realized as I write.  We are breathing in the ocean air, and feeling its wellbeing-inducing ingredients.  Bob says whatever is in the air is due to the amorphylization of shellfish.  I say it's not that season yet.  We are at an impasse.  No matter, we do feel great.

Tonight, hopefully a meal at a DINER.  I love diners.
Tomorrow, what else?  More Mack's pizza.  
All is well.


  1. This sounds like a wonderful trip. It all looks so inviting, especially the views and pizza!

  2. I love the turkey story. Enjoy your sea air. It's been awhile since we've been near the ocean.

  3. That is one beautiful turkey. I have never seen one with that coloration.

  4. Wow looks like SO MUCH FUN:) Really cool that you were one of the first people there too!

  5. Yes a good time was had by my wife/lover/navigator breaking in the wildwood New Jersey beach. We have debated whether we were the first to "break-in" the sanitary waste line on the 6th floor as well. But, because we have no way to validate the claim we must forgo that title.