Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Road Trip Nostalgia

This weekend we will be doing a brief road trip (two hours each way) with our almost-seven-years-old twin granddaughters, Tori and Brianna.  We love these girls to death, but after four hours together in the car, well...we will see.

Anticipating this trip, I found myself reminiscing back to the days when my parents took our family on long drives.  We didn't do any extensive cross country drives, but I do remember car trips that lasted maybe five hours to our destinations.  My two brothers and I sat all together in the back seat of course.  I was usually in the middle, for I was the oldest.  Looking back on that now, I'm not sure what twisted wisdom dictated that arrangement.

Most of the time I am quite sure we were very well behaved, obedient, kind, happy, considerate, and polite children.  We were excellent travelers.  Yes, I'm positive of that.  There were threats, you see.

However, there were occasional disturbances in that back seat area, and here is what I remember coming forth from that vicinity at those times:

Are we there yet?
How much longer?
I'm bored.
I'm hungry.
I'm hot.
I'm cold.
I'm thirsty.
Turn on the radio.
I can't hear it.
It's too loud, turn it down.
Open the windows.
Close the windows.
Are we there yet?
He's touching me.
She's touching me.
Stop touching me.
Mom! They're touching me.
She needs to shave her legs.
They're cutting me.
Are we there yet?
You're on my space.
No I'm not.
Yes you are.
You're over my line.
What smells?
Are we there yet?
I have to go to the bathroom.
I'm gonna be sick.
How much longer?
I can't breathe.

Yeah, those were great trips.  

So I am on a hunt to gather up some road trip activities to keep us all sane the girls occupied on what they might otherwise think is a long and boring ride.  I've found so many good ideas and resources by searching on various internet sites, that now I'm thinking I was a bad mom when my own children were young.  Back then the biggest excitement for my kids on a long drive was the possibility of having a potty stop followed by a snack.  

Stay tuned.  Tomorrow I'll share the Road Trip Activity Books I assembled for the girls.  Fun ahead!