Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Easter 2013 Recap

It was a GREAT day with the entire extended family.  Everyone in the lineage extending down from my parents (other than one of my sister-in-laws who was ill) was there this time at a delicious Easter meal hosted by my parents at their home.  Just a warning - this blog post will be picture heavy of our family.  It's rare that we are all able to be in the same location at the same time, and so we went haywire with picture taking opportunities.

Let me start with my Mom and Dad, and go on from there.  My wonderful parents are nearing the ripe young age of 80 and are still staying very busy and going strong.  My Dad still works almost full time in our family's pretzel manufacturing business, and my Mom also works there two days every week.

Bob and I wanted to get a photo of all of our children, their spouses, and our grandchildren.  We are so glad to have had this opportunity to get this picture.  I cannot even imagine how hard it would be to orchestrate an appointment at a professional photographer and get everyone available to be there at the same time.

Then I needed a picture of our four children.  Getting these four "grownups" to stand still together maturely without pinching, poking, tickling, grabbing, or farting is no small accomplishment.

Ellie told us she wanted to be in this picture too.
And here are our four grandchildren with their great-grandparents:

There was plenty of egg hunting, food, and family foolery.

Our family, like every other family on the face of the earth, has its own long list of difficulties and sufferings, including cancers and other diseases, financial difficulties, and job uncertainties.  However, we have each other and we take care of each other when needed, without question.

Being all together today was just a great blessing.  At the end of the day, Bob and I enjoyed a quiet drive home.  

We found ourselves smiling all the way.


  1. This is beyond SWEET. How wonderful that you had all your kids, grandkids AND your parents there. So nice. And great pics! Memories. YAY!

    I felt fortunate to have 2 of the 5 kids and my beloved inlaws in one place on Sunday. I think my house would collapse if I got the other 3 kids and Pooldad's brother's family here too. But it would be nice. Maybe Christmas? :)

    PS - Your parents look GREAT!

  2. You got a great family. It was wonderful that you all were able to get together. I miss our family get-to-gethers since I moved out of Pennsylvania 30 some years ago.

  3. Good thing Ellie was in that picture, she showed your grown kids how to behave like adults! ;c)