Sunday, April 7, 2013

National No Housework Day

Today, April 7, 2013, is National No Housework Day.  No, I did not make that up.  I saw it on the internet so it must be true.  Ahem.

I don't know who decides what to fill in the blank for each National ________ Day, but I for one do indeed like the idea of having an official day to laze about in my home.

No cooking, and then no emptying and reloading the dishwasher.

There will be no laundry sorting, washing, and folding, and no house cleaning.

I could easily extend this holiday to require that there be no reading of piles of mail, no paying of bills, and no picking up clutter.

Furthermore, there will be no errands, no purchasing of household necessities and no buying and putting away of any groceries.

The dog must take care of herself, because in my book she requires a lot of "housework."

Heck, I may as well just stay in my pajamas and watch tv and eat bon bons all day.

Here's what gets me:  A 2008 study conducted by a team at the University of Michigan found that the average married American woman does 17 hours of housework a week.

Are they serious?  Perhaps it was a team of monkeys from the university animal science program that did the study, or a group of children from the staff's day care center attached to the school.

But 17 hours a week?  Divide that by 7 days and we're only talking about 2.4 hours of housework a day.  That's pretty skimpy in my mind.  I assert that most women do way more than that EVERY SINGLE DAY to keep their family members fed, clothed, and their houses in order.  And the majority of them have full time jobs outside of the house too.

Of course there are some very lazy people in our society (and that's putting it kindly), and so perhaps they do bring the average down to only those 17 hours per week.

I do like to keep a clean and tidy home, and put healthy and attractive meals on the table.  However, here's my oh-so-very-deep philosophy on cleaning:  When I am on my deathbed, the one thing that you will NOT hear me saying is "I wish I had cleaned more." There are many other things you may hear me say, but not THAT.

How much time does housework take you each day?

Oh, and by the way, today is also National Beer Day and National Coffee Cake Day.  So go have a beverage and a piece of dessert.

Just don't do any housework.


  1. As a newly minted Catholic ::grinning:: I take the whole "Day of Rest" thing seriously. I mean, I don't want to have to confess to breaking a part of that commandment, now do I? hee

    Seriously tho' - I shouldn't make light of it, but 17 hours? Not if you have kids, pets or a husband. Now, if we move into a one level home [fingers crossed] and cut the square footage [and clutter] from 2,200 down to a more manageable 1,200 or less then YES, one husband, one kid and one dog? I can get everything done in under 17 hours a week.

    That is assuming I get everything in order first before I start the time clock. And we ALL know how that is going to work out, don't we?

    Pass me a bonbon. Thanks! xo Skip

  2. How about we make this about every other day?!!! I think that would be great! Housework is so overrated!

  3. Dang it - didn't see this in time! I already made two meals, cleaned up, and folded the clothes I washed yesterday. Maybe I'll take tomorrow off.

  4. Dang, and here we had it wrong all this time. We thought that April 7th was the only day of the year to DO the house work. I will pretend I didn't read this blog. . .

  5. That's one cool thing about living in an RV, with only 400 square feet of space, housework is minimal!