Friday, February 17, 2017

Who is Kimham?

The following is a portion from a book I am writing, "Hidden Heroes: Behind-the-Scenes History Changers Tucked Within the Pages of the Bible."  I expect the book to be finished and available late in the summer of 2017.

Kimham enters the story line of Israel well into the long rule of King David. You can find his story in 2 Samuel 19:31-40.

King David flees
King David had ruled for many years when his son, Absalom, attempted to usurp the kingdom.  David fled to find safety in the area east of the Jordan River.  While there, a very wealthy man, Barzillai, befriended him and provided David with supplies.

After Absalom was killed, David planned his return to Jerusalem.  He invited Barzillai to accompany him and live there the rest of his days.  At 80 years old, Barzillai declined to make the journey and offered to send his son, Kimham, along with David instead.

David agreed and Kimham willingly joined him on the journey back to Jerusalem.  Just like his father had been, Kimham was hospitable to David and became a helpful companion.

David rewarded Kimham for his loyalty.  He gave Kimham a gift of land in the Bethlehem area that his descendants inherited later.

Do you see where this is going?

Researchers claim that considering the stationary character of Eastern institutions, it is possible that our savior Jesus was born in a stable or cave on Kimham's property next to the residence.  See the reference to the "Geruth Kimham" (the Habitation of Kimham) in Jeremiah 41:17.  Kimham was a residence near Bethlehem used as a place for travelers to find shelter.

Friendship, loyalty, and generosity.

These three qualities characterized the relationships between King David and Barzillai and King David and Kimham.

It is likely before reading this post you had never even heard of Barzillai or Kimham, yet they were the behind-the-scenes guys for perhaps the greatest king who ever lived - King David.

David was a man after God's own heart.  He was a worshipper, a warrior, and a mighty king.  Out of David's lineage came the Savior of the World, Jesus Christ, born in a small stable possibly on the land David had given to Kimham.

Only our Almighty God could've made that connection.  Isn't it amazing to trace where the lines of faithfulness, obedience, and generosity start and end?

After I discovered the hidden character of Kimham, the more I read over the details of this obscure man and his place in the larger story, the more my heart swelled in worship at the revelation of the picture I was starting to see.

The whole story of Kimham is a picture of the blessing that can happen when a person chooses to leave his past and walk in a relationship with a king.

While others, including Barzillai, refused the king's offer and said "no," Kimham accepted and said "yes."

Have you said "yes" to the King of Kings, to Jesus?

Your life, your actions, your "yes" can potentially resound throughout all of eternity.

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  1. Wonderful post. You have a way of putting things in perspective.