Tuesday, February 7, 2017

A Report From the Team in Guatemala

San Juan Christian School
A team of 29 from our church flew out of Newark, New Jersey early Saturday morning and landed later in the afternoon in Guatemala City for a week long mission trip.  From there it was an intense, hairy 5 hour ride to arrive at the group's destination in San Pedro la Laguna. They arrived in a remote, small village in the Lake Atitlan region.  Son Caleb is with the group, experiencing his first mission trip which has as its focus construction work.

Since 2003 our church has taken groups on approximately 53 mission trips, many of them to this same village in Guatemala.  Relationships have been built with these people over the years, and many of them have learned about Jesus Christ and have decided to follow Him.  Much of this happens as our people have worked on job sites side by side with the locals, helping and loving them.

The focus of this current trip seems to be ministering to the children.  One project is for the children there in the San Juan la Laguna Christian School, where the team is assembling a modern playground unit.  Half of the team is working there.  The other half is constructing a much needed kitchen unit attached to the Casa Materna maternity facility in San Juan.

Yesterday (Monday) was the first full day of work, and the report from the team organizer was very upbeat.  Apparently the playground is 75% installed after just one day, and the maternity clinic kitchen work is progressing nicely too.  Already four people have decided to turn their lives over to Jesus.

Caleb with public transportation - The Tuc tuc

The hubby and I had gone on our first short term mission trip to Trinidad back in 1989.  My memories of the people, the culture, and the living conditions there are still very clear to this day.  Some things I experienced on that trip have changed my outlook forever, and I told Caleb he most certainly will be changed by his mission trip experience too.

So far I've received one brief text message from Caleb:  "All is well!!!!! Love you guys.  This has been amazing!"

Caleb needs a shower after a long day of dirty work

Jesus said, "Let the little children come to me, and do not hinder them, for the kingdom of heaven belongs to such as these."  (Matthew 19:14)

My prayer is that all the kids there in that village, big and small, will see and experience the unfathomable love of Jesus for them through our workers, and be drawn to follow Him for the rest of their lives.  To be sure, no playground or other building can compare to that.

If I receive more updates, I'll report on the team's news again later in the week.
The playground construction is well on its way

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