Friday, February 24, 2017

What Part Do You Play?

Our church just began rehearsals this  week for the next production, "Titanic, the Musical."  When I first heard what it would be, I chuckled and asked myself, "Doesn't everyone know how that ends?"  I did learn later that the musical does not follow the story lines as depicted in the popular movie of the Titanic voyage.

An introduction to the musical and some background and historical information were given to the entire cast and crew the other night.  Then last night all the players gathered to participate in the first script read through.

Afterwards, the set builders also revealed some of their vision for the sets and scenery.  This team has quite the ambitious task ahead of them, as they plan to build a hydraulic lift that will tilt the sinking ship in stages to nearly a 45 degree angle, allowing for mass chaos and passengers slipping down into the sea.

Son Caleb will be playing three male characters in the program, which will require some intricate logistics relative to costume changes, linguistic changes, and outcome details.  That is, two of the characters he plays will die as the ship sinks, and the third will survive in a lifeboat rescue.

A character, as you can see
He will take on the persona of Third Officer Pittman, who assists the Titanic's captain and helps look after the passengers.  Later he is The Major, a non-British war veteran who loves to tell tales that not everyone else loves to hear.  Apparently The Major provides a bit of much-needed comic relief.  Caleb's third character is simply called the Fourth Man, a poorer traveler staying in third class (cheaper) accommodations down below in the ship.

At the end of the rehearsal last evening, the cast members were given the assignment to research their characters and to learn every detail they could find in order to more realistically and accurately bring each character to life.  Each has a vital part to play in order bring the story alive.

This all got me thinking (which can be a very wild adventure!)  Thinking about the part each of us plays in this life here on earth.

What is our place in this story of life?

What is your character in the whole scheme of things?

What is my role in these few decades I'll have here on earth?

Sometimes I think it's awfully easy for us to think quite more highly of ourselves than we ought. In fact, we are routinely encouraged by everything in our society to do so.  Be honest now - aren't there more than a few people you know who fully think themselves to reign in the center of their world?  Part of this may simply be due to immaturity, but then how do you explain all those adults who are still convinced they're at the center?

Here's the reality, friends:  I am not the main character.  You are not the main character.  The story is not about me, and it's not about you, either.

As much as we may slip into erroneously thinking and acting as if we are at the center of our universe, we are not.

It's about Jesus.  Everything is about Him.

He is the star of the "show," He is the center of it all, and He is the best main character ever.

He's the Redeemer, and I am the redeemed.  No one could write a better story line.

When I remember that, I'm perfectly content to make much of him, to let him take center stage, and to do all I can to point all the attention to Him.  I'm OK to get small, to get really, really small.  He is the One who is fully worthy of every applause and standing ovation there ever was or will be.

Thank goodness He's invited you and me to be secondary characters in this greatest story ever written.

Come to think of it, I think it'll be a bowing ovation for Him...

           "...at the name of Jesus every knee should bow, in heaven and on earth and under the earth, and every tongue acknowledge that Jesus Christ is Lord, to the glory of God the Father."  (Philippians 2:10-11)


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  2. You're right. It's not about me....but its all about Jesus. I love your blog.
    ~Betty www.joeandbetty.blogspot.com