Monday, December 1, 2014

Scenes From the Family's Gathering on the Mountain Top

Sneaking a popsicle prior to the big meal
Family, food, and fun - that's the gist of our five day gathering in the family lodge up on top of the mountain.  Although not all family members could be here, due to work and other family obligations, (and they were greatly missed), the fourteen of us who were here did have an action packed, pleasant five days together.  We calculated that this was the first Thanksgiving in about 15 or 16 years, that my two brothers and I (along with our families) shared the holiday in the same location.  That made it very special to me.

All but four of us have returned home by now to civilization and the responsibilities of school and work.  The hubby has his last week of vacation for this year, so we stayed on, along with my parents.  When 14 reduces to 4, it gets real quiet.

Hiking, shooting, four wheeling, eating, cooking, reading, television, puzzles, games, fires, s'mores, projects, planting trees, eating, repairs, laundry, snacking, movies, video games, dogs, napping, eating, crosswords, baking, eating, blogging, and oh, did I mention eating?  We did lots of that.

There was certainly a lot of activities of all sorts going on over the long weekend.  I can probably best give you a peak into our time together by simply sharing a collection of photos that were taken at random moments.  

The dog whisperer - son Caleb with Sheila and Max

Twins Tori and Brianna in the loft - keeping an eye on things, and overseeing the Thanksgiving meal preparations:

Group video games on the big screen:

Wearing pajamas all day, and playing games by a crackling fire:

Napping whenever the mood hits:

The awesome Thanksgiving Dinner spread, put together wonderfully by daughter Rachel:

My mother is recovering from shoulder surgery, and so Dad helps her cut her food.  The way they love and take care of each other throughout their nearly 60 years of marriage is an inspiration to us all.

There were silly men in long johns washing lots of dishes:

Then Thanksgiving was over, and we started to shift into Christmas mode.  Thanksgiving decorations were taken down, and Christmas decor put into place.

The Christmas mantel:

A search team was sent forth to find and bring a small Christmas tree for decorating.  I'm told a hallelujah chorus and a halo of golden light fell upon this little tree the moment they laid eyes on it:

The old guy is photo bombing again:

I think our mountain lodge is ready now for the Christmas season:

Let's just snuggle in our slippers by the warm fire and wonder if the tooth fairy will show up here at the lodge after losing a tooth today..... she did!

And finally, what would a family gathering be without a weird uncle?  Especially an uncle who loves to torment his niece!!

Fun times!!!

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