Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Christmas Party at the Movie Theatre

The marquee
In my last blog post, I wrote how the hubby and I spent the past weekend attending several holiday events together.  One of them, and an event that we look forward to attending every Christmas, was held at the local movie theatre.  The financial group that handles our investments always has a catered lunch/coffee bar/movie event, open to all their clients and clients' family members.

What makes this Christmas party unique is that it's held in the local movie house, and our movie theatre is not just any old place to see a movie.

This theatre opened in January 1941, just 11 months shy of the attack on Pearl Harbor.  Designed by architect David Supowitz and built by the Stiefel brothers, the Campus Theatre is one of the last of a dwindling number of single screen art deco movie palaces in the country.  The majority of the theatre's original 1941 architecture, murals, and decor remain intact today.

Here is a look at some of the art on the ceiling,

and more on the side wall.

During the first hour of the party, guests were offered a buffet lunch.  There were two full lunch buffet serving tables, another table full of dessert options, and a coffee/smoothie/beverage bar in the lobby of the theatre.

Some quests ate at the tables and couches in the rear of the theatre.  We found ourselves some seats down toward the movie screen.  While we ate, a slide show on the big screen showed a selection of Bible scriptures and pictures telling the story of the birth of the baby Jesus.  

Following that, a simple fun Christmas quiz came up.  Kids of all ages tested their expertise on some of the common Christmas traditions, stories, and songs.  Test yourself - here are fifteen of the quiz slides:

By this time, pretty much everyone had finished eating, and next there was a brief but pretty digital Christmas light show.

I became a little concerned that this woman with her very BIG pouffy hair would obstruct our view for the main event!

Finally it was time for the main event - a showing of the movie "The Polar Express."  If you haven't yet seen it, this is a movie to be enjoyed by the entire family.  "The Polar Express" is an adventure that follows a doubting young boy, who takes an extraordinary train ride to the North Pole.  During this ride, he embarks on a journey of self-discovery that shows him that the wonder of Christmas never fades for those who believe.  

I am almost ready to say this movie is my very favorite Christmas movie.  With Tom Hanks doing the voices of all the adult characters in the movie, it's an engaging and entertaining holiday masterpiece.

This Christmas movie party was a delightful event, and we're grateful to be invited every year.  

Good food, some great reminders of the true meaning of Christmas, and some wonderful family-friendly entertainment.  Now that's a party!  


  1. I did pretty good on the Christmas quiz, but I didn't know who caught the Grinch stealing Christmas.

  2. My school always watches The Polar Express every year and makes a big production out of it. Such a classic.