Thursday, December 4, 2014

DIY Log Santas

Two weeks ago, when the hubby and I were getting all our stuff gathered to bring along to the 2014 Family Thanksgiving Fest at the family lodge, we decided to bring along some Christmas decor.  I had pinned the idea for these DIY Log Santas from a blog that's full of crafty Christmas ideas, smartgirlsdiy.com, so I want to give full credit for the origin of this neat project idea.

We had gathered wood from our property the last time we were there, and the husband/lover/carpenter cut the wood into four logs, and sawed diagonal surfaces on the one end of each log for the Santa heads.  The final project is a cluster of four Santas.

After spreading newspaper on our kitchen table, we began painting the Santa heads.

Cover up to one half of the Santa face surfaces with the white paint for the beards.

Now you will paint the top one half of the remaining surface red for the Santa hats.

For the red and white parts, we used cheap foam craft brushes.  

Since the wood kept soaking up the paint, it took about three coats of each color until we had the bright colors we wanted.  

Using a small craft brush, we applied black paint for the eyes.  

Who knows why, but for the next several steps, I completely la la'd on the picture taking.  Without pictures for these next steps, you'll just have to imagine the work.  We clustered the four Santas in a grouping the way they looked best together, and then inserted one screw into each Santa, on the outside where it would be covered eventually by a ribbon.  Leave each screw head just barely sticking out from the Santa.

To keep the four Santas together in one unit, we wrapped a strong wire around the Santas, looping it around each screw on the way.  These four logs together are fairly heavy, and with the screws and wire it is now one solid unit.  

Finish this project by tying a large colorful Christmas ribbon and bow around over the screws and wire.  Apply some pom poms with a glue gun for the noses and hats.

We had planned to set this cluster of Santas outside the front door of the lodge to greet the guests.  However, upon thinking more about it, we were pretty certain the local porcupine and bear population would either chew on it or drag it away.  Instead, we decided to place our Santas inside the lodge, on the hearth by the fireplace.

Don't they look fun sitting there?

I think these DIY Log Santas are a colorful and happy addition to the rest of our Christmas lodge decor.

This would be a great project for the whole family to work on, from the collecting of the logs, to the sawing, painting, gluing, and finishing, and it will last for years along with the happy memories created while making it.

Ho!  Ho!  Ho!  Ho!


  1. Those are really cute Santa Clauses and a great idea the way they are made out of tree limbs.