Tuesday, December 9, 2014

And Then There Was One...

My relaxing view
...and that would be me.  All by my lone self.

All together, on Wednesday before Thanksgiving, there were 14 of us gathered up on the mountaintop, hanging out together for a long Thanksgiving holiday get together, in our new family lodge.

Then on Saturday, daughter Rachel and her family left.  We were down to 10 then.  They had decorating at home to do, and a little kitten who needed them.

Son Caleb left Saturday evening.  He had a commitment to play his trumpet in the Sunday morning worship services.  Down to 9.

Sunday morning my brother Chris and his son Luke headed for home.  He's a life flight helicopter pilot, and had agreed to cover another pilot's shift that evening.  Now we are 7.

Later Sunday my other brother Bruce and his family left.  They may have had some Christmas shopping to be done the next day.  That brings us to 4.  It's getting real quiet.

Several days later, on Wednesday, my parents headed home.  There was a scheduled physical therapy appointment for my mother the next morning.  She is recovering from shoulder surgery and the therapy is important if she will regain her ability to drive and play the piano.  Now we are down to just 2.

Just the hubby and I.  (Well, and a dog.)

And then HE left too!  By that time, we were needing some supplies.  We had been here over a week and it was time for a restocking trip down the mountain.  He generously offered to make the trip, and I whooped for joy at having the place to myself  gallantly offered to guard and hold down the fort by myself.

So, then there was one.  Moi.

It was a blissful three hours or so of peace and quiet.  Of reading in front of a warm, cozy, crackling fire.  I may have dozed off a bit, relaxing there in blissful peace and quiet.  I may have even drooled.

While the hubby was out picking and gathering, I kept guard.  I had some visitors out there.  Turkeys have such amazing eyesight, so I kept watch on this guy from the couch, without moving.

Bears, on the other hand, don't really care who's watching them.  I could do a naked jig at the window, and if he wanted that corn, he would look my way, roll his eyes, and return to his meal.

The hubby returned eventually, bringing along a pizza.  (I had told him I didn't feel like cooking for about the next four years.)  We enjoyed the next four days together alone in the lodge, working on a few projects, cleaning up after the masses, and just resting and relaxing.

My mother turned 80 the day after they got home.  Happy Birthday Mom!  Now both parents are 80.

After leaving the lodge, son Caleb headed for a Team Beachbody retreat in this gorgeous "cabin" in Tennessee.  It's appropriately named the Gatlinburg Mansion, and he reports that inside it is beautiful,  with views of the Smokey Mountains from every deck.  50 or so Beachbody coaches gathered there for 5 days to share information and inspiration.  They even worked out daily up on that very top deck.  I guess if you're suffering, you may as well have a decent view.

Christmas is starting to arrive here at home, finally.  I made my first batch of baked goodies - shortbread, one of our family's favorites.  It wasn't for us, though.  We were attending the Christmas gathering of our church's home groups, and every family was to bring something to share.

  On our way to the church, we saw this beautiful bird perched down by the creek that borders the church property.

Our party was held in the church cafe, The Well Coffeehouse, and the party entertainment was brought in from the local Bucknell University, my alma mater.  The Bison Chips, an all male acapella singing group, were there to entertain us with several lively Christmas and other songs.  Back in the Fall this group had celebrated their 40th anniversary.  When I heard that I quickly did some calculations, and learned that the group was organized in my freshman year!  Seems so long ago, but in another way, time has flown by!  

The Bison Chips
So as I had mentioned earlier, the Christmas spirit has entered our home, and the decorating elves are hard at work.  All except this little guy.

He's not allowed.

Watch out for him.  He's just trouble!

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  1. Your time at the lodge sounds like it was wonderful. Especially that spot of alone time. This last picture just cracked me up!