Thursday, October 2, 2014

Pennsylvania Road Trip - Lancaster County Comedy Show

The second day of our classic road trip we labelled "Lancaster Show Day."  Early in the day we enjoyed a fabulous production of "Moses" at the Sight and Sound Theater.  If you missed that post you can read about it here.

Then after a nearby linner (lunch/dinner) or, if you prefer, lupper (lunch/supper), and a bit of outlet shopping, we headed to the Hershey Farms restaurant complex for the second show of our day.  Ironically, this venue is located right next door to the Sight and Sound Theater.

The grounds of the restaurant complex were just gorgeous, full of flowers, pumpkins and guords.  We lingered around there a bit before going in for the show.

We entered the restaurant lobby and were ushered into a small theater where we would be seeing the Lancaster County Comedy Show shortly.  This show is a theatrically produced ventriloquist show full of comedy and songs for all ages.

This intimate theater setting held approximately 100 guests, and the stage area was a simple farm scene, so appropriate for the area.

Ryan Bomgardner, the ventriloquist, was joined by his puppet friends little Jakey, the Amish boy, Harold and Irene, retired farmers, Tiffany the tourist, and Ardie the skunk as they explored Lancaster County with some hilarious results.

little Jakey
Harold and Irene, retired farmers
Tiffany, the tourist
Ardie the skunk
During the show, Ryan and his friends presented some comical insights into the Lancaster County culture, some humorous tips for folks coming to visit, plus parody songs ranging from country to Broadway.

A lot of audience interaction and involvement with the puppets provided us with an abundance of laughs.

An audience member trying his "hand" with some puppetry
A bit of silliness with some life sized "puppets"
With puppetry and video topics ranging from shoofly pies to cow pies, this show is a must see for anyone traveling through the area.  It is family friendly, and was a satisfying and fun way to end our day in Lancaster County.  

Tomorrow:  touring another snack factory.  


  1. I bet that show produced a lot of belly laughs. My kind of entertainment.

  2. We just saw the show this weekend & really enjoyed it. Ryan does a great job with the audience. One of the better values in town, too.