Monday, September 29, 2014

Pennsylvania Road Trip - Sight and Sound Theater

It's feeling and looking like Fall around here.  I'm starting to sense the year's end approaching.  And, just as I was thinking about that, I happened to read an article by one of my favorite bloggers, Jon Acuff, reminding us that in spite of the chill in the air, in spite of those year end feelings, there is still 25% of this year remaining.  There is still time left to accomplish amazing things.

25% remaining gives me a new incentive to keep trying to reach my fitness goals for the year.  There. Is. Enough. Time. Left.  I'm gonna go for it!

Today, I've completed 80% of my laundry.  (Four loads washed, dried, folded, and put away.  One to go.)

This morning I paid 100% of my bills that were due.  (Yea!)

As of now, my husband still has 35% of his scheduled vacation weeks still to come.  (Woo hoo!)

And so far, I've only blogged about 20% of our recent Pennsylvania Road Trip.  (By the time I finish that, it'll be time to leave on the next one.  Yippee!)

So there's a little bit of my number crunching for ya.  Blame it on Jon Acuff.  He started it.

Tori and Brianna in front of the Sight and Sound Theater
Our Pennsylvania Road Trip continued the next day to what I will call "Show Day in Lancaster."  Our first show of the day was a rerun for me.  I had seen "Moses" at the Sight and Sound Theater earlier in the year when I took my grandtwins Tori and Brianna for a summer outing, and I knew then that I'd want to come back and see it again with my husband.  It was that good.

The Bible story of Moses is truly epic.  He experienced the miraculous - from the burning bush, to the astounding plagues in Egypt, to walking through the raging Red Sea on dry ground.  The life of Moses is monumental:  he's the Biblical icon who stood on top of the mountain under the thundering clouds, holding the words of God written on stone.

The Moses statue in the lobby
The members of the Sight and Sound Design, Construction and Show Operation teams, along with an amazingly energetic and talented cast, were able to bring the extraordinary environment of Moses' story to life on stage.  It was an inspirational and enjoyable production.

Another view in the lobby
From the moment the curtains open, the sets, scenery, costumes, and special effects are spectacular.

Outside of the Egyptian palace
Moses and the burning bush
Moses petitioning Pharoah to release his people
Preparing to cross the Red Sea, prior to its miraculous parting
We watched as Moses and the people of Israel were given freedom - freedom beyond their wildest expectations.  In their story, today we can get a glimpse of how Jesus Christ wants to give us a life of freedom too - even in our own desperate situations.

Now that's an epic story.


  1. Third try is the charm. I would love to see that performance. I'm sure the girls thought it was fabulous. Moses truly was a faithful prophet.

  2. The Bible has some wonderful stories in it. I have read it through many, many times.

  3. Amazing. I would love to see this - thank you so much for sharing the experience. I am off to Google whether it will make it close to us soon [Richmond? Washington DC?]
    Your grandtwins are so gorgeous. I am happy that you were able to share it with them and your husband. It must be great!

  4. It looks like a good show. We have been to a number of biblical dramas around the country.