Friday, August 22, 2014

Why Are They GRANDkids?

Splendiferotwins Brianna and Tori
Have you ever wondered why the offspring of our children are called grandkids?  I've thought about this and well, 'grand' is just kind of like saying "aren't they just so nice?"  And just what exactly does that really mean?

I clearly remember my eighth grade English teacher having us try to define the word 'nice' one day in class.  When none of us could do so to her satisfaction, she then directed us to never ever again use that word in our writings or our conversations.

MY grandchildren are not just grand - that's not a true description of their greatness.  I think they are tremendous.  Splendiferous.

Perhaps, they should be called tremendokids.  Or splendiferokids.

Anyway, news has been rolling in almost daily from all of them.

Twins Brianna and Tori began third grade yesterday, and yes, Brianna is still in her wrist cast for a few more days.

There may be some double trouble ahead, as they tell me they are in the same classroom.  However, they've also met the teacher already, who they assure me is very old and very experienced.

On an aside note, and speaking of ugly trouble, I'm still being plagued by this three-weeks-now-and-I-declare-enough-is-enough case of poison ivy.  I still don't know where or how I picked it up, but numerous over the counter remedies are just not really helping.  I've resigned myself to the reality that it will just have to run its course like it always has in the past.

Trying to distract myself from the incessant itching, I've been ordering and reading books like they are going out of style.  Wouldn't it be fun to have one of these "reading rooms?"

Speaking of books, tremendokid Ellie had a special outing with her mom and dad to visit the public library in her town for the first time.  She was very excitedly showing me her fancy ladybug book bag filled with all sorts of interesting reads.  I didn't want to pop her reading bubble and inform her that when she starts kindergarten in two years, she will be allowed to pick only ONE book at a time.  What a dumb rule.

Tremendokid Ellie and her Daddy
Reports from out West indicate that splendiferokid Gabriel is adjusting agreeably after his first few days attending Day Care.  At first he didn't want to miss anything, and stayed awake all day.  That's pretty hard for a little guy, though, and yesterday he allowed himself to nap more.  Also, he seems to be learning how to "catch" his two middle fingers, and may soon prefer them to his Binky.  He looks pretty dapper here, all ready to leave for "school."

Finally, tremendokid Jarrod, merely one short month away from obtaining his Driver's Learning Permit, is getting an education of another sort.  He has learned that his auto insurance will be approximately $110 per month, added onto his parents' policy.  Welcome to the real world, Jarrod.  Don't quit your part time job.

That's the report from this corner of the world, folks.  Watch for some future blog posts of some of our funglorious summer adventures with our splendiferokiddos.


  1. Grandkids are called grand for the same reason we are called grandparents. We are both grand!!

  2. Love this grand post...the children of my children are spectacular!