Wednesday, August 27, 2014

National Dog Day 2014

Apparently yesterday, Tuesday August 26, 2014, was National Dog Day.  I didn't learn of that fact until late in the evening.

Since our weimaraner puppy, Sheila, is such a vibrant presence in our home, I thought I'd celebrate National Dog Day (one day late) by sharing some photos of her antics over the last six months or so.

Sheila turned three back in early July.  She is extremely intelligent, frustratingly stubborn, full of endless energy, and more affectionate and loyal than many people.

Sheila in her favorite corner of the couch
Sheila waiting under the mistletoe
Christmas puppy
Back to the couch
Nose to nose with a new friend
She thinks she's a person.
Guilty for sure
"I wanna read too"
"I feel silly in this hat, but I'll SIT if you tell me to."
"Look into my eyes...."
Helping master Caleb get ready for a trip
And finally, Sheila's latest caper - just this morning, a rowdy game of Hide and Seek:

"Can you find me?"
Sheila sure is a challenge and a stinker, but she's also totally wormed her way into our hearts.  She celebrated National Dog Day by enjoying the extra food droppings during a patio picnic we had to celebrate my father-in-law's 86th birthday.  

I guess for a puppy, that's about as good as it gets.


  1. Great pictures! I guess Halley missed her chance, but since she is spoiled rotten, I doubt she missed much:)

  2. We have our daughter's dog Sanford that we get to enjoy and like Sheila he does have an attitude but brings love into everyone's heart that he meets.
    Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time.