Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Utah Retreat

A late drive to the Harrisburg, Pennsylvania airport Monday night enabled me to collect son Caleb following his return flight from Salt Lake City, Utah.  Caleb had been invited to participate in a four day Team Beachbody Coaches' Retreat there, planned and provided by another Beachbody coach friend of his, Scottie Hobbs.

Thirty eight Beachbody coaches traveled from various parts of the United States and Canada to gather in the Majesty Cove Mansion overlooking Salt Lake City for socialization, inspiration, and learning.  According to Caleb, every minute of the travel and every cent of the expense to get there was unquestionably worth it.

What does a bunch of fitness coaches do when they get together?  Apparently they stay active, keeping to the schedule of doing their daily workouts.  Here are a group of them doing a PiYo routine - one of the newest Beachbody workout programs.

There were numerous group sessions throughout the retreat when the coaches told their stories, and shared inspiration with the others.

During one of the group gatherings, the panel of Diamond Coaches was available for questions from the newer coaches.

The Diamond Coach Panel
Caleb reported that a lot of the bonding and camaraderie simply happened when they were out "playing" together.  Two groups went out on some hiking trails.  Caleb's group hiked the trail to the Donut Falls.  At the end of the hike there was a very chilly swim in the cold mountain waters.

Trail to Donut Falls
Later that evening the group went to Ogden, Utah and took over the FlowRider water park for two hours.  Apparently it was two hours of constant laughing and lots of fun.  Here's Caleb trying to find his balance:

He says the brush burns on his back were well worth it for the chance to check this item off his bucket list.  

Of course there were plenty of shenanigans throughout the weekend, including a pajama party of sorts:

All that monkeying around and those high energy activities can finally catch up with a guy.

Scottie and Caleb
After the retreat ended, Caleb was able to spend a little extra time with Scottie and his family.  Scottie claims his girls love all those videos that Caleb makes, especially his "You Are Beautiful" video, so they were so thrilled to finally meet Caleb in person.  

All in all, it was a great time, and now he's home and ready to dig back into his business again and apply all the advice and insights he soaked up throughout the retreat.  


  1. Mixing a little fun with your profession is a great way to enjoy your work.

  2. Great times - great bodies - lots of learning and fun. (Just had to comment on how good he looks).