Monday, August 18, 2014

Close Enough

Gym on the top floor
There used to be a little ditty that included lines like:  "Close only counts in atom bombs, horseshoes,.....," and I don't remember the rest.  It came to mind today when I went to the gym.  Well, I ALMOST made it to the gym, but didn't exactly.

Can you see that building way over there?  Most of the top floor houses the gym nearest my home where I have enjoyed working out in the past.

Today I made it to the walking path adjacent to the gym building.  I've decided that I'm not quite ready for a "prime time gym" appearance, and since it was such a nice day I didn't want to sweat away cooped up at home, either.  So I headed for the trail and took a brisk walk.

Mind you, walking for me is not such an easy deal, yet.  However, I've figured my heel is possibly as good as it's gonna get (one year post surgery), so it's time to get moving again.

This walking path is a comfortable option for those folks that want to ease into an exercise plan.  Parking is available right along the road that borders the one side of the trail.

A large sign indicates that this trail was provided through a collaboration between the Weis Grocery Store chain and the local Evangelical Community Hospital.

I have often seen hospital staff members walking this loop on their lunch breaks.  I've also noticed that many community members use the trail as a safe place to walk their dogs.  The loop is 1/3 of a mile in somewhat of a rectangular shape, bordering a large grassy area.

At regular intervals along the walk, there are benches located for resting.  While I was walking, I had the entire trail to myself, except for one elderly woman and her caretaker.  They slowly walked one lap, and then left.

At one point in the trail, I crossed over this quaint little bridge.

There were probably seven or eight of these ground hogs there, always scurrying away as I came near.

The one long side of the trail is right next to some low bushes and vegetation, and all sorts of things were in bloom to look at as I walked on by.

I remember many hours I spent on the treadmills and bike machines up in that gym across the road, and those exercise machines face out the windows towards the walking trail on which I was doing my time.  Knowing those gym rats were up there working hard and watching me kept me from sitting down and taking a break at every bench I passed.

My goal was to complete three laps.  One mile.  A big deal for me at this stage of the game.

I decided to walk as briskly as possible, and to pass the time praying for my kids and their families.  During the first lap my oldest daughter, Rachel, and her family were my focus.  I was moving right along.

The second lap started, and during this lap I prayed for daughter Lindsay and her family.  I also became aware at this point that this darn loop is not flat.  As I looked at it from the bottom end, I could see that it actually was on a slight hill.  No wonder I was feeling out of breath by the end of the first and this lap.

I guess it's because I was tiring, or because my feet were hurting, or simply because life is not fair - daughter Sarah and her family got so many more prayers than the others.  I was just slower coming round that third, last lap, and so it took me longer than the first two.  And son Caleb, well, he just got his prayers during the drive home.

I made it around three full laps = one whole mile, and made my goal for today.  As I got back into the car, I knew I was even "glistening," so it was just the right amount of exertion for me, for now.  Mission accomplished.

Yup, I see sweat.
A short drive home and I was feeling pretty good about myself.  No lazin' around for me.  Starting the Monday and the week out right.

However, this gal at home had quite another idea.....

Sheila, perfecting the art of "LAZY"


  1. Way to go girl. I think I could make a mile but not if there's any uphill in it. And next week my doctor is going to yell at me. Oh well. That Sheila is just a hoot. She looks like all legs.

  2. Dogs sure do know how to relax. I have three that are also good at it.