Wednesday, July 16, 2014

The Construction Crew Arrived and Got 'er Done

We left home for our extended family weekend with all the essentials packed,

along with a bunch of food, clothing, and some other trivialities.  Yes, our property is densely populated with rattlesnakes, and whenever we are doing any sort of outdoor recreation or work, we wear leg protection.  Since extra people were going to be there, we purchased extra leggings just to have everyone safely covered.  

Also taking up a large amount of space in the back of hubby's truck was a very large box containing the parts and pieces of a brand spankin' new ping pong table.  

Several times over the new few days I asked myself how difficult can it be to put together a ping pong table.  

Apparently, fairly difficult.

"There were lots of pieces," they said.

"It's just a ping pong table," I said.  "How hard can it be?"

Apparently, pretty hard.

It was just more than one smart guy could handle, I guess.

Then there were two more.

That makes three brains on the job.

No, wait!  There's four.  And perhaps even a fifth lurking around with a camera, documenting this mammoth project.  And a dog, helpfully sniffing butts whenever needed.

Dumbfounded at the several days irrationally long time it was taking to put it together, I finally asked, "What is taking so long?"

The hubby whined, "There was a lot of STUFF in that box."

Thank goodness, SOMEBODY of the female sort was supervising.  

Otherwise, that crew might never have got 'er done!

Good job, Ellie, and thanks!

Now, let the games begin......


  1. Ping Pong was my game. Got good at it when I went to Penn State and perfected the skill when I worked for Smith and Co. We played every lunch hour and after work. Also had tournaments. I have a couple of trophies to show for it. You know, I even cracked a couple of ribs playing that game. Next time I am up your way I will challenge you. Of course I don't know if I could even hit that little white ball anymore.

  2. Such a fun game, but putting together the table is not!

  3. Too funny, too many pieces! And not enough smarts. :cD