Tuesday, July 15, 2014

I Blew It!

Our daughter Sarah and her son Gabriel
I missed a very rare opportunity to take a family photo of all my kids, their spouses, and their children.  Yes, we were all in the same place at the same time, and no, it didn't occur to me even once to take a group picture. It happens so rarely that we are all together like this, and as you can well imagine, I am kicking myself now for missing it.

Last week, over the fourth of July weekend, we all gathered at our new family lodge up in the Pennsylvania mountains to visit with each other, have some rest and recreation, and, as always, eat lots of good food.  With twelve of us sleeping there, and numerous other relatives coming in for day visits, our bedrooms were fairly full and the place in general was full of life.

Gabriel with his daddy, Lance
It was our new grandchild's first major road trip to be with his four cousins, and he handled the ten hour car ride both ways fairly well.  Several of his aunts, uncles, cousins and great grandparents were gathering there to meet him for the first time.

Over the five days and nights we were there, there was quite a bit of baby holding and tending.  Somehow a newborn has the immediate ability to make himself the center of attention, as well he should be.  Especially when he is just as cute and snuggly as little Gabriel is.

So what did we do for those five days and nights?  We took some drives to look for wildlife, and for those left back at the lodge, well, there was a lot of baby holding.

Our granddaughter Ellie with Gabriel
We had numerous fires along with s'mores in the evening, and then there was more baby holding.

Our son Caleb meeting Gabriel for the first time
There was plenty of baking done to supply our stock of goodies and desserts.  Baby holding between batches, too.

Ellie, Sarah, and Gabriel
Many of us were reading our favorite magazines, along with some non-put-down-able books.  Except for moments the baby needed to be held, of course.

My father and his great grandson
There were discussions of more babies coming into the family, while holding this one, of course.

Our daughter Rachel with Gabriel
Some among us participated in several cutthroat games of ping pong and bean bag toss down in the rec room.  Upstairs......we held the baby.

As always, we enjoy our time together and all too soon, it's over and we head home our separate ways.  With planning for the next gathering already in the works, I am satisfied with the pleasant time I had being with all my kiddos........

and giving plenty of Germall snuggles to this little guy.  

It doesn't get much better than that, does it?


  1. Gabriel is a sweetie! Sounds like you had some wonderful family time.

  2. Sounds like it was a great time! I bet next time thew camera will be handy:)

  3. No, it doesn't get much better than that!!!