Thursday, September 5, 2013

Should I Change the Name of This Blog?

After a summer like I've had, I find myself wondering if  jillstays  would have been a more appropriate name for my blog.

When I originally started writing my blog back in April of 2012, I imagined this blog to be a place where I would share about my comings and goings.  About this and that.  About travels, adventures, recipes, crafts, family.  Basically about whatever.

By nature, I prefer to live an active lifestyle - coming and going, seeing and doing.  However, there wasn't much of that happening this summer.  A wonderful 35th anniversary trip to St. Lucia in May was immediately followed by heel surgery, which pretty much put me down for the entire summer.

If I had launched my blog in June of this year, perhaps I would have thought to name it  jillheals.  My entire world seemed to converge at a point down on the back of my right heel.  I suppose pain and discomfort will do that to you.  Of course, my surgeon told me to expect a full 12 weeks of recovery before planning any travels, but I am impatient.

So, I forced myself to take it easy.  I made myself slow down enough to be able to heal.  I sat in a recliner much of the summer, with my leg propped up on pillows above the level of my heart.  I contemplated renaming my blog  jillsits  during this time.  Friends and family took care of me and my home, bringing meals, helping with laundry, and keeping my spirits up.  I learned to make my way around without putting any weight at all on the recovering foot.

As of today, almost 12 weeks since the surgery, I can happily report that I am indeed healing well. I can wear normal shoes again, and I am able to drive and do short errands that don't involve miles of walking.  Things are progressing.

During this summer in which I spent so much time in the recliner chair, I had many hours to think and dream.  I read every book that was waiting on my pile of books.  I worked my way through every magazine I had accumulated over the last half year.  No catalogs or pieces of junk mail were left unread.  And, every travel book and catalog I own is now dog eared from all the hours I spent looking through them.

Surely, had I started my blog during those times, it would be named  jilldreams.  I even made up a list of travels I'd like to take every year all the way through the year 2025.  How silly am I?  Sometimes our family's plans change from one day to the next.  How could a person expect to plan anything that far ahead?  Ah well, I say it never hurts to dream a little.

Not only did I dream;  I also made some reservations.  That's so easy to do from a comfortable chair - all one needs is a phone or laptop, a calendar, and a credit card.  I passed many hours researching sites of interest and restaurants not to be missed in the locales where we will be vacationing.

My husband went to work each day, and I planned vacations.  We have a great arrangement - he makes it, and I spend it.  Were you to ask my husband, he might think a better name for this blog is  jillplans.  To me, half of the enjoyment of any trip is the planning and anticipation.

One other thing that I was able to do this summer is work more on sorting and organizing our file drawer of important papers.  This has been an ongoing process that started back in January when our office was remodeled, and continues to the present.  Did anybody ever throw a File Drawers Are Now Organized Party?  I don't know, but I will do so when this project is complete.  It'll truly be something worth celebrating in my book.  Maybe I should change my blog title to  jillorganizes.  What do you think?

Finally, and this is just in.  The husband came in from the yard yesterday and told me he has bad news for me.  He indicated with his hand a creature slithering away.  Yes, he said, we have another snake back at our waterfalls.  We had one earlier this summer there, and now here we go again.

I dislike snakes.  No, I hate snakes.  I can hear my mother telling me to be careful, that "hate" is a very strong word.  Well, I'm sure it appropriately describes my feelings about snakes.  They belong in the woods, not in my yard.  Now I need to find this one and relocate it.  I could consider changing my blog title to  jillstillhatessnakesandalwayswill but that's really not what I want to concentrate on.

Yep,  jillgoes  is still best.  Stick around, adventures are ahead.


  1. Go girl, go!! or should that be go jill, go?

  2. Great news about your heel. Prayers answered again.

    Cute blog

  3. Glad to hear that you are healing!

  4. Hope your heel heals quickly so if you see some snakes, you can become "JillRuns". :cD

  5. Very entertaining post. Glad your heel hasn't stumped your sense of humor. Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time.

  6. Great post. Can't wait 'til you start your next adventure.

  7. Great post and I agree - keep your current title. My wife hates and is deathly afraid of snakes - jumps and screams when she sees one which nearly scares me to death.

  8. How coincidental. I tore that ligament thingie that runs from my heel to the back of my toes in one step!!

    *STEP*. . . *SCREAM* Just like that. We don't have a licensed podiatrist where we live, so I had to do a google search and tape the darn thing myself!! Without tape holding my foot together, I can't walk without yelling.