Friday, September 13, 2013

Birth of a Baby Cloud and a Note to Readers

The other day I was waiting in the car while the husband/lover/driver was in a store doing an errand for me.  I happily watched this baby cloud being birthed from its mama, right in front of me.  (It doesn't take much to charge me up some days, does it?)

 Join me in the delivery "room."  These four shots were taken over the span of just a minute.

Isn't that one happy mama?  I can see her smiling, can you?

Note to readers:  I will be off on some adventures for the next several days, so I will be taking a break from blogging.  I'll report again when I return to internet land.

It has taken me quite a while and a bit of work to pack but I'm ready to get on the road.

We are leaving the fort in the capable hands of policeman-to-be son Caleb and his trusty guard dog.  Beware.  They're dangerous.

Over and out.


  1. Have fun. And I can actually see a humun like shape to that mamma cloud. I have a good imagination, too.

  2. I do so love cloud pictures. Have a fantastic time and we'll read you when you get back.

  3. have a great time...will be watching for your return