Monday, September 30, 2013

Hiking in the Airport

Black Hills, South Dakota
We left home this morning before anyone else on the East Coast was even thinking of waking up, and headed for the airport.  Our first flight was smooth and took us from Harrisburg, Pennsylvania to Chicago's infamous O'hare Airport.

Today in that airport, I hiked, oh, about 10 miles or so.  The announcer at our first gate, the gate we hiked about 5 miles to get to, joked about how this airport is the King and Queen both of "changeroo."  He then told us to move to another gate.  Hike, hike.

The attendant at that gate then begged us "not to shoot the messenger," but directed us to hike to another concourse and find yet another gate.  Hike, hike.

We did eventually board our plane at some gate there somewhere, after more hiking, and we arrived here in Rapid City, South Dakota, late in the afternoon.

Our sightseeing of the Black Hills area officially begins tomorrow.  

Tonight, we are getting our bearings, relaxing, and reading up on the local sites to see.  And, we are hoping that the government will not "shut down" so that we will be able to see the National Parks and Monuments we came here to see.

We found some dinner nearby which involved another small hike.  Since this is wild country, Bob ordered a buffalo burger, which he said was fairly good.  

To cap off the evening, we're going to make good use of the hotel's pool and hot tub.  My feet could use a good soothing soak.


  1. We couldn't do that kind of hiking anymore. Would need to get a cart for Jim. Sure glad you made it there and fingers crossed that nothing shuts down so you can really enjoy your visit.

  2. Are you sure you are up to hiking through the parks? hee Sounds like a workout in the airport.
    Hope the parks you want to see will be open. Good thoughts your way. xo