Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Leaming's Run

Following our morning trolley tour  of Cape May's historic district (see yesterday's blog post here if you missed it), we drove north "a piece" to the Cape May Court House area of New Jersey.  We were headed to Leaming's Run, for a relaxing stroll through the gardens there.

Leaming's Run, the largest annuals garden in the United States, is a "must see" for anyone traveling to the Cape May county area of New Jersey.  These gardens were designed 35 years ago by Jack April, who happened to visit with us as we sat on a bench resting and looking at one section of his beautiful gardens.  He shared some of his perfectly ripened tomatoes with us as we chatted together about his place.

The gardens are seamlessly integrated into 15 acres of native woodland.  The walking path is shaded by ancient trees dating back to the Colonial era.  As you arrive at each clearing, you see a themed flower garden.  Ponds, ferns, bamboo, and a waterfall are some of the items that await you around the next bend.

Benches are provided for your enjoyment along the way as you are invited to enjoy the scenery at your own pace.

It took approximately five years for Jack and Emily April and their children to design and create these lovely gardens.  Their goal was to create beautiful garden areas planted with colorful annuals while preserving the natural environment, and to share this special place with others.

In addition to the gardens, Leaming's Run is an ideal place to observe a variety of insect and animal life.  The ponds contain fish, eels, frogs, and turtles.  Butterflies, dragonflies, and hummingbirds are in abundance at various times of the year.  If you are  nature lovers like we happen to be, a tour of Leaming's Run holds delightful surprises for you around every corner.

Enjoy your photo tour:

Since it is already mid-September, it was obvious that many of the plants are already a bit past their prime.  Even so, we enjoyed our leisurely walk through these acres of beauty.  

Next adventure - find some dinner.  Lobster?  Oh yessss.  Stay tuned.

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  1. That is a beautiful garden and so much in bloom!! We have those elephant ears and the flowers in the last two picture groing wild on my place.