Saturday, May 17, 2014

Returning the Garage

Grandson Gabriel at one week
I started my trek back toward home yesterday morning, leaving this precious little guy in the very capable hands of daughter Sarah and her husband Lance.

I know he will miss me and the abundance of snuggles I have for him.  In fact, from all reports so far, he has been looking all around trying to find me again, but I'm sure he will find a way to survive without me until I get back for my next visit in several weeks.  Babies grow and change so fast. It will be how different he is after just a few weeks away.

The drive back east through Ohio and Pennsylvania wasn't near as interesting as it was one week ago, on the day my daughter went into labor and I was racing to get there before the delivery.  That day I made the trip in merely 6 1/2 hours, having only one 5 minute pee break.

Yesterday, however, it took me nearly 7 1/2 hours to make the same trip.  Out of boredom (and a bit of sleepiness) I made three different stops.  By the last hour of the trip, it seemed that each rest stop I passed wanted to suck me in like an invisible vortex, and keep me from getting home.

I started the drive out in western Ohio under sunny, pleasant skies.  The closer I got to Pennsylvania, the cloudier and darker it got.  Finally, about ten minutes from home, it started to rain.  Why is Pennsylvania so sad?  It's always crying.  I think Pennsylvania needs some counseling or something.  This state is always so rainy and gloomy.

Welcome home to me.

I wasn't even home an hour when we received an invitation to have dinner with daughter Rachel and her family.  Grandtwins Tori and Brianna, now EIGHT YEARS OLD as of several days ago, were all bubbly with conversation, trying to fill me in on all the exciting happenings of their lives for the last two weeks.  Tori's big news is that she is no longer a pierced woman.  After fighting constant infections for several months, she is letting the holes in her ears grow shut and heal.  She is a beautiful girl, with or without earrings.  I would always want her to know that.

Tori and Brianna
Brianna was telling me all about her recent adventures in the hospital.  She had us all scared when she got extremely sick with a concerning illness that wouldn't seem to pass, with or without medication.  A viral pneumonia kept her down for about two weeks and ended in her needing intravenous antibiotic and hydration therapy and breathing treatments with a nebulizer.  She seems to be back to herself again and has returned to school.

Pretty serious stuff for two eight year olds.

Then, they both reminded me of my promise to take them to horseback riding lessons this summer.  Of course.  Let's keep our priorities straight.

Anyway, today, as I sort through the mountains of mail and laundry following my week away, the husband/lover/carpenter is repairing the garage that he tried to drag along with us on our first camping adventure of the season last month.

If you missed it, here is a look at the damage done when our fifth wheel got too close, and tore up the neighbor's garage down at the end of the alley behind our homes.

That husband of mine, he's quite the handyman.  There he is in his manly truck, doing the manly thing, and fixin' it all.

That guy, he's just so smart.  Although we live just two doors up from this neighbor, the hubby loaded up all his tools and supplies in the back of his truck, drove it down there, and it became his ladder, too!  Plus, the large size of that MANLY truck kept other cars from turning into the alley and knocking him off a ladder.  Brilliant!

I walked down to check on him a bit ago and make sure he's doing it right, and he's doing just fine without my help.  It's an old garage, but at least we will return it to a state a bit better than it was before it tried to come along with us camping.  I'm thinking it's looking better already.

In a few days I'll get to see this little mermaid, granddaughter Ellie.  We'll be spending some time together up in the mountains at our new lodge.

Grandchildren are awesome, aren't they?

Way more exciting than an old garage, any day.


  1. Always sad to leave those little ones behind but if you didn't they wouldn't be so special to you. The proof is how excited the twins were to see you back home.
    Keeping your neighbors happy and not upset with that Oops is something I have always believed in. The only problem is when your repair looks better than the rest of the structure they try to hire you to do Reno work.
    Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time.

  2. I am sure you will back as soon as you can:)

  3. Grandchildren are definitely awesome and yours are also awesomely cute!

    Great idea to use the truck as a ladder and work platform.