Sunday, May 11, 2014

Mothers' Day Gift

This grandma is still hanging out here at daughter Sarah's home, enjoying the new baby and occasionally helping around the house.

There's been a lot of feeding, crying, holding, feeding, wiping, snuggling, feeding, burping, pooping, feeding, changing, loving.  Oh, and did I mention feeding?  All the typical routines associated with a brand new baby.

New mother Sarah is rising to this new challenge of motherhood superbly, and new father Lance is a wonderfully supportive hands-on, hands-in type of Dad.  It is a joy to watch these two enjoying their new little guy.

Of course there is the usual exhaustion from getting no sleep, but even on occasion Gabriel offers his parents a three hour window where they can get a little rest.

A few close friends have arrived to meet the new little guy, congratulate the new parents, and bring gifts.  Flowers have been sent by happy distant relatives.

Arrangement from Grandma and Happy
During a few quiet moments between all the excitement, I've had a chance to open up and explore my new Paperwhite Kindle.  So far, I'm really liking it.  I enjoy being able to read it in bed at night without turning on my nightstand lamp and disturbing the hubby.

I finished reading the first of several books I downloaded last night, and even figured out how to send it to the library storage place in the "cloud," wherever that place is.  

The husband/lover/proud grandfather made the drive across Pennsylvania and Ohio Friday evening after work to see the new little skameeter.  Although it's a long drive, and he only had the weekend to visit, when he saw little Gabriel he said it was totally worth the drive here and back.

Gabriel fits quite nicely into his arm, don't you think?

Gabriel and Happy
So all in all, I'm enjoying my time here in Ohio and thoroughly enjoying this Mothers' Day watching the new mother and dad enjoying their baby. 

What a gift!

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  1. What a gift, indeed! Glad you are enjoying these moments!