Thursday, May 15, 2014

Restaurant Discovery

Several weeks ago the hubby and I were camped for the long Easter weekend at the Bald Eagle State Park campground in north central Pennsylvania.  After making all of our meals for several days, we decided to take a break from cooking, explore a bit, and perhaps find a restaurant where we could enjoy a homemade Easter luncheon.

We drove just a few miles from the campground until we located the Furst Corner Restaurant, in Beech Creek, Pennsylvania.  From the outside this place was rather uninteresting.  However, when traveling in the middle of nowhere, sometimes there is no luxury to be choosy, especially when there is a total of one place from which to pick.

While waiting for our food to be prepared, we read up on the history of this establishment, and learned that we were dining in a place with quite an interesting past.

The building was first built in 1862 as the home for George T. Furst.  Mr. Furst was involved in the shipping industry, transporting logs from the mountains around his home all the way from Beech Creek to Harrisburg, Pennsylvania.  Eventually his daughter and her husband took possession of the building, and operated it as a general store, selling all sorts of food, clothing and household items to the families living in the area.

Subsequently, it fell into the hands of their son, who, like all the other men in the family, was a magistrate. It is quite likely that the very booth we were seated in was used many decades before by the magistrates and attorneys debating court cases there.  In addition to functioning as a restaurant, the building housed the local telephone exchange center.

Over the years the ownership of the restaurant changed several more times, and functioned in numerous capacities.  It even became an antique center for a time.

Antique vault in entrance
Finally in 1986 Charles and Donna Bittner purchased the restaurant, renovated it and reopened the restaurant and the adjacent Bed and Breakfast.  This area landmark is now known for "extremely large home cooked meals at way below average prices."

Eh, maybe.  The portions were average, the prices were average, and the food itself was... you guessed it....average.

I'm always open to trying something new, though.  At least once.  And this meal out was a pleasant diversion from our quiet campsite.

The current owners enjoy displaying their various collections throughout the restaurant, including shelves and shelves of Mr. Peanut figurines, Coca Cola bottles and memorabilia, and tin boxes.

No, this wasn't a five star restaurant.  But yes, I always do enjoy exploring and finding out-of-the-way or new places to try.  It was a good outing for several hours, but the peacefulness and solitude of the campground were calling me back.

Time to return.  
Time to relax.


  1. Paying average for an average meal is not as bad as paying extremely high prices for an average meal. I have done that before.

  2. Great history and average food-could be a lot worse:)

  3. At least it looks like an interesting place.