Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Let's Pray It's Not Cancer Again

A pleasant place to wait
This gal has just unpacked her bags.  Again.

This time my travels took me to daughter Lindsay's home.  Not for the fun of baby shower planning.  Not for the fun of a family get together.  Not for the fun of doing some local road trippin' together.

No.  None of that fun stuff.

This time I was there to support her before and after her surgery.  Surgery to remove an atypical looking lymph node in her neck.

Lindsay was diagnosed with thyroid cancer nine years ago, had her thyroid subsequently removed, and has been dealing with recurring cancer ever since.  She has had numerous surgeries to remove cancerous lymph nodes in her neck region, and several rounds of radiation over those nine years.

Yesterday Lindsay, her very loving and supportive husband Todd, and I went together to her surgeon's clinic for yet another surgery.

The procedure went smoothly, and the concerning lymph node was removed.

Bringing the patient home afterwards
The surgeon told us that the lymph was small, about the size of his fingertip.  We won't get the lab results back for several days.

During these next few days we will pray, as we have always prayed before.  We will pray that the surgical wound heals quickly, with no complications.  Although it did not involve a large area, Lindsay experienced quite a bit of discomfort once all the anesthetic wore off.

And of course we will pray for good news, for no recurrence of the cancer.  

As hard as this is for Lindsay and her immediate family, to me, her mother, this journey of watching her suffer through these last nine years has been emotional and heartbreaking.

Nevertheless and no matter what, I will always love her.  I will always be by her side when she needs me.  Cancer or not, we will try to face the future together with a positive outlook.

And, I will continue to pray for a miracle of healing.  Whether or not He chooses to do so, I know my God is totally able.


  1. I am adding my prayers to yours. To thank God that he gave Lindsay to such a loving and caring mother and to ask Him for his love to surround all of you and give you peace.

  2. I too will be praying for Lindsay and the family.

  3. I am also praying for Lindsay and the rest of her family.

  4. Please let Lindsay and her family know we will for pray to our Dear Lord for compassion, healing and good news!

  5. Please know that I prayed for healing for Lindsay and will continue to pray, for her... for you, and indeed for all family members who love her and support her. Blessings, Lynn