Saturday, April 12, 2014

Curtains, But Not From Wal-mart!

Some of the lodge curtains, ready to go
Our April 28th move-in-to-our-new-lodge date is rapidly approaching, and with only about two weeks left until then we are finalizing our shopping and other preparations.  The womenfolk are even planning what meals will be the first ones prepared in our new kitchen.

To say the family is excited is a ridiculous understatement.  We.  Are.  Beside.  Ourselves.

I was busy at work over the last two days doing what I can to check things off our lists, namely sewing curtains for five of the rooms in the lodge.  That sounds like a lot, and although it was a bit of work, really each of those rooms just has one window.  But, I can now say five rooms are curtained, and that sounds to me like good progress has been made.

Curtains, packed and ready for move in
We are all anxious in our own ways.

My father says he cannot wait to see how our selected furnishings will look when finally put in place.

My mother says she looks forward to reading a good book in front of the beautiful fireplace.

My husband anticipates relaxing on the deck in front of the outdoor fire.

I look forward to cooking and baking in the spacious kitchen.  (With a modern dishwasher.)

My son hopes he is the first to poop in the new lodge.

I still had some shopping to accomplish and add to the LODGE PILE, and since it was 70 degrees and sunny this morning, I figured it was a good time to go to Wal-mart and git er done.  (I forgot - it's never a good time to go to Wal-mart, especially not on a Friday or Saturday.)  However, we don't get many of those sunny, pleasant days here in central Pennsylvania, so it seemed that everyone wanted to be out, and many of them ended up at our local Wal-mart.

Wal-mart was, well, Wal-mart:

There were the girls from the Williamsport Storm baseball team, selling Krispie Creme donuts out front.

The were multitudes of families buying rubber fishing boots, as today is the opening day of Trout Fishing in Pennsylvania.

There were carts full of pastel eggs, cellophane grasses, and chocolate bunnies.

Folks were loading shovels and rakes and pansies into their pick up trucks.

There were idiots making u-turns in the main thoroughfare right in front of the store.

There were teeny boppers with goosebumps wearing very teeny shorts.

Puppies were locked in hot cars.

A little boy proudly walked his brand spankin' new neon orange two wheel bike up to the cashier.

There were grannies in house dresses and slippers.  (The hubby said, "Don't you EVER do that to me.")

Two out of every three male shoppers were wearing camo clothing.

Out front there were massive stacks of potting soil, ready for the season.

And finally, plenty of campers were parked out in Camp Wally.

We took care of our business, and got the heck outta there.

And no, I didn't go anywhere near the curtains aisle.


  1. Nice looking fabric! Love the colors.

  2. I am looking forward to seeing more pics of the new lodge. We try to avoid Wally World on Saturdays. It can be downright scary.

  3. Love your fabric choices!

    I avoid Wal-Mart every day of the week. Life is too short to deal with them :)

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