Saturday, April 5, 2014

"Cute as a Button" Baby Shower

Mother-to-be with her party rosette
All those months of planning, crafting, shopping, and cooking finally came to fruition last Saturday, as guests arrived for daughter Sarah's "Cute as a Button" themed baby shower.  About 35 guests came to shower Sarah and her husband Lance with baby gifts as they approach the birth of their first child, son Gabriel Parker, sometime in mid-May.  (Or earlier, if my prognostication is correct!)

I've been so anxious to show the bits and pieces of this gala event as we crafted it together, but since Sarah is the nosy type, I've held back until today to post about it.  Although the shower was not a surprise (she did have to drive seven hours to attend it after all), we wanted the details of the event to pleasantly surprise her on the day of the shower.  I think it all came together nicely, and everyone who attended seemed to enjoy themselves.  Most importantly, Sarah and Lance said the shower was more wonderful than they could have imagined, in many different respects.

Months ago we designed the invitations, with ideas culled from our very own noggins and from the wonderful world of Pinterest.  We knew we wanted two distinct elements running through the whole shower - bright colors and buttons.  Bright green was the main color we decided to use.

Our invitations incorporated a background of green, another layer of buttons and several real buttons on a strip of washi tape.

Because guests were driving in from a variety of states, including Ohio, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, and New York, we searched high and low for a centrally located party room, and hoped it would be near to daughter Lindsay.  It was easy to set up the room the morning of the shower, as all our supplies were accumulated nearby at Lindsay's home.

We located and reserved an event room in a large church/school complex, where we were able to use any of the kitchen facilities and as many tables and chairs as we needed.

Here is a distant look at the venue right before the majority of the guests began arriving.

Our table decor was simple but brightly colored.  We found a black fabric with buttons on it which we used to make table runners.  Pinking shears were used to keep the edges from unraveling.  A square of bright green felt sat on top of that.  Centerpieces were simple clear vases containing brightly dyed daisies which we purchased at a local grocery store that morning.  Finally a scattering of buttons surrounded the flower vases.

Guest table decor
Here is a look at our food table before the party, mostly loaded.  We had purchased cheap yet very colorful serving bowls and serving utensils at our local party supply store to match the colors in our color scheme.  The menu included rolls, cranberry chicken salad, meatballs in sauce, a sandwich fixins platter, a cheese and crackers platter, a fruit platter and fruit dip, a veggie platter and veggie dip, a pickles and olives platter, potato chips, pretzels, and a cake.  Let me just say that I don't always estimate food amounts so accurately.  I usually way over guess and make too much, and although the guests seemed to have hearty appetites and many even went back for seconds, as usual, we had enough food leftover to feed two armies.

During one of the weekends I spent away at Lindsay's home, we worked on some of the decorations.  As you can see in the pictures, we made a "garland" for each of the larger tables using colored papers and of course buttons.

We spent an enjoyable and therapeutic hour or two one evening, just chatting with each other as we worked on making lots of little washi tape toothpick flags for our food platters.

Brightly colored buttons were everywhere.

Daughter Rachel and I had another crafting session in which we put together the food label cards and the "Guess the Number of Candies" game ballots.

Game ballots
Two "Guess the Number of Candies" jars
In addition to several lively games played as a group, each guest also made a guess as to when the baby will arrive.  A tiny feet stamp and some ink pads were used to place the guesses on a large desk calendar.  A prize for the closest guess will be sent after Gabriel is born.

Lindsay created an awesome diaper cake which we placed on display on the games and prizes table.  That cake is one solid mass of diapers through to the core.  

Although I took this photo of the gifts table before most guests arrived, I must say we were all blessed with the great generosity with which Sarah and Lance were showered.  They received many needed items, and say they now feel well prepared for the baby's arrival.  (If only one could package up some extra sleep in a box...)

While Sarah opened the gifts, cake and coffee were served.  A local bakery used one of our napkins as a pattern for our color scheme and created a delicious white cake with a raspberry creme filling.

Finally, each guest received a tiny button shaped soap wrapped up in a cute little box.

It was a great baby shower, but already now it's been a week since then.

Sarah and Lance are back home in Ohio, and back to work.  They tell me that the crib, rocker, and changing table have all been put in place.  All the new baby clothing and other items have been washed and organized in drawers.  The baby stroller has been taken for a trial stroll.  The car seat is now ready for bringing home a baby.  Mother's hospital bag is packed, and finally, a coming home baby outfit has been selected.

Now all we need is for Gabriel to be born.

I can hardly wait.


  1. What a great shower! I am positive that everything was appreciated.

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  3. Sorry, my fingers hit the wrong keys. I meant to say: The last few weeks of waiting are the hardest, but soon Gabriel will be born and demanding to be fed. . . That will keep Mama busy. . .

  4. Looks like a great shower. What an exciting time for the parents to be!

  5. Baby shower preparations seems to be quite unique. I am planning my daughter's birthday at one of the stunning Seattle venues next month. Will prepare handmade invitations. Thinking of cartoon theme as cake and dresses for all kids. Hope my idea gets executed well.