Tuesday, January 16, 2018

I'm Moving!

A big thank you to all my faithful friends who've been reading this little blog since it began back in 2012. After this final post, my blog will be moved to my new author website. New posts will appear there.

It's not hard to find, and Mom, even you can do this! The directions to get there are simple. Let me help you.

1.  Click here--> www.JillMarieThomas.com
That will take you to my brand spankin' new author website.

2.  Find the word "Blog" on the pink menu bar and click on it.

3.  Voila! You are looking at my blog. Scroll down then click on the title of the latest entry (or any other entry) to open up the full post to read it.

4.  When you're done reading the blog post, if you want to go back and look around at the rest of the website, use the back arrow in the upper left of your computer screen. Although the website is still a work in progress, I invite you to explore the other options there by clicking on the various items in that pink menu across the top.

5.  Please SUBSCRIBE (!!!) in the subscribe box on the home screen if you wish to receive notifications of future blog posts in your email.

As usual, I will continue posting about twice a week, or sometimes less when I'm vacationing or traveling on business.

Please continue following the adventures over at jillmariethomas.com and I will give my best effort to provide valuable food for thought and helpful life lessons.