Thursday, August 10, 2017

Sneak Peek!

By now many of you know that I've been writing about a life-changing adventure I've experienced over the past twelve months.

That's a lotta pages.  It's a 3 inch notebook!
I am in the final labor stages of my latest book, Risking it All:  One Woman's Adventure Giving Away Her Income, and I'm getting excited for this latest "birth."  In just a few weeks or months, I'll have it out of my office and into your hands.

Some other book-writing related news:

I've got an agent who wants to represent me.  Yea!

I'm steadily working on my social media platform, as my agent has encouraged me to do.

The daily writing plan
My calendar is scheduled with a detailed writing plan, and I'm doing my best to stick to it.  The hubby is a great support and has been super helpful doing other tasks around the house, so that I can get the writing done.

However, I think I'll explode if I don't share a little overview and a bit of a sneak peek!

The book is a heart-baring journal documenting the difficult and exhilarating lessons I've learned while giving away my entire income over the last year.  Hopefully readers will find my stories uplifting and sometimes comical.  It is my prayer that exposing my thoughts and discoveries throughout the journey will challenge readers' current concepts of how to love others and inspire them to explore their own creative opportunities for giving.

Each month I have focused on one of twelve major social issues of our time.  However, even I was shocked to my socks with the unexpected twist that happened in the last month of the adventure.  (No, seventeen horses won't drag that secret from me.  You'll just have to read the book!)

Let's get to it!  Here is a little sneak peak of the first chapter of the book.  It's a content list of the journal entries for the first month (September 2016) of the journey.

September 1:  It Begins Today

September 8:  Two conversations with the hubby

September 9:  A brief look back to earlier in the summer

September 10:  Starting to explore practical ways of helping

September 11:  Can I take a major trip while on this money adventure?

September 11:  60th birthday thoughts

September 12:  Directions for the rich

September 14:  Excited to give

September 15:  Searching for cheesesteak nirvana

September 16:  Resolution of the cheesesteak saga

September 20:  Charity Watchdogs

September 21:  Some timely wisdom from Paul

September 22:  Mushrooms and a spirit check

September 23:  Prayer

September 24:  2000 verses

September 25:  Learning to pay attention

September 28:  Thinking about world currency

September 29:  Jesus, the perfect model of kindness

September 30:  Doing what no one else does

Hopefully you'll share my excitement about this life-changing adventure I've experienced.  Does this sound like something you'd like to read?

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