Monday, July 24, 2017

Monday Musings

I just returned from my second Writers' Conference of the year, and I had every good intention of getting up early and getting productive.  It's Monday, after all, and the possibilities for this new week are wide open.

It just didn't happen as I planned, though.  I guess I didn't count on the fact that my body is still tired and recovering from the conference week.  Like most conferences I've attended in the past, I didn't get enough sleep.  I was simply more interested in talking to people and doing other non-sleeping things.

I've heard so many people over the years griping at the end of a weekend about the Daily Grind coming back around on Monday morning.  I saw this yesterday on an Instagram post, and I've hung it on my wall to help me keep things in the right perspective:

And so I have gotten myself busy here at my desk this morning.  A little later of a start than I had wanted, but there are still plenty of good hours left in this day.

As you can see, my study into the book of JOB is well under way.

I've got my coffee (nothing happens well in the morning without it for me), and I'm delving quite deeply into the background and the structure of the book of Job for now.

When I study a new book in the Bible, I always start with a little bit of prayer.  I ask for understanding, revelation, and application to my life.  I also remind myself to read slowwwww.  Unless I slow myself down, I'm likely to miss some of the important details.

I typically read a chapter several times, and I write notes of things that come to mind or verses that particularly stick out to me as I read.  I allow myself time to think about what I've read.

After I've done that, then I get out the STUFF.  I open all my map books, commentary books, and other books I have collected over the years that help me better understand the culture and customs of the time period.

Before I close it all up and go on to my other daily chores, I pray and ask for whatever takeaways there are for me.  There is always something new that I need to apply in my life from what I read each day.

If you are a faithful blog follower of mine, you know about the four Bible Study books I have written in the past:  1 Samuel:  It's Always About the Heart, Esther:  For Such a Time as This, The Miracles of Jesus, and Philippians:  Paul's Joyful Letter From a Prison Cell.

For those of you that want an update, I'm currently writing a fifth book about a one year money adventure.  I'm getting toward the end of the project, and I thankfully have an agent that wants to represent me with that book.  More details on that to come - stay tuned!  It has been quite the exciting journey!

Might a study on the book of JOB be my next project?  Hmmmm, please pray along with me on that one.


  1. Your exciting Monday made me look forward to beginning Tuesday already. I don't want to rush it though; there are still plenty of opportunities left for Monday! - Holy Ground for His Work to be Done!

  2. Coffee is an essential part of my getting anything done:)