Saturday, April 2, 2016

Prayer of Abandonment


That OTHER THING that is just too easily chosen?  That robs me of THE BEST THING?

   Is it reading a book, instead of listening to you, Jesus?
   Is it eating unhealthy snacks, instead of valuing this body you've given me?
   Is it wishing/coveting others' travels and adventures, rather than trusting You for Your
     uniquely-planned adventures in my life?
   Is it focusing on Facebook, rather than seeking your Face?
   Is it writing my stuff, rather than reading your Word?
   Is it living for the here and now, rather than for the forever and ever?
   Is it spending money on food and foolish things, rather than making "Kingdom" 

If I say I'm giving you EVERYTHING, then why do I keep choosing THE OTHER THINGS?

   Help me Lord with my weaknesses!
   Help me to ABANDON myself to you!
   Help me to joyously jump out into your strong, trustworthy arms!
   Help me run boldly, fully trusting you, at the Goliath monsters in my life!

       Everything I am.
       Everything I have.
       Everything I own.
       Everything I hope for.
       Everything I'm afraid of.
       All those I love.
       All of my disappointments.
       All of my dreams.

I give it all to you, Jesus.
I ABANDON it all to you.

Help me surrender.

You are good.  You are THE BEST THING.


  1. Great post, Jill. Too bad everyone doesn't have your faith.

  2. It is strange that just today our grandson made his Confirmation thus committing himself to his faith in God as so many of us have. Yes the true meaning of commitment is very focussed but those kind of things were easier to do when times were slower and family were close at hand. He doesn't push you aside because of simple indulgences as long as you are willing to help those in need when you can. Don't forget you also have a family that will help you through the tough times.
    I know that you are desperate to regain the weight loss goal that you struggled to attain a few years ago. Back in 1992 after dealing with a neck injury I dropped over a hundred pounds through a rigid diet and intense amounts of exercise. Unfortunately that was then and with age it becomes harder to achieve those goals. Though I've only gained thirty of those pounds until we are on the road again and are more active chances of losing it are slight.
    Think of the Serenity Prayer.
    "God, Grant me the Serenity to except the things I cannot change, Courage to change the things I can, and Wisdom to know the difference."
    No matter what issue you face these words will help you find your way. It will also guide you as to what is really important in life.
    Waiting to hear more from you.

    It's about time.