Monday, January 5, 2015

Back To "Normal?"

Family restaurant meal with part of the family
It has been nearly two weeks since my last post, and finally I'm feeling like we are getting back to normal again.

Whatever "normal" is, anyway.  Sometimes that would be difficult to define around here.

The household was a busy one over the holidays.  Some would even say chaotic/wild/deafening.  We had 10 people in to stay, turning our moderately-sized three bedroom home into a no-more-room-at-the-inn scenario.

Along with the hubby and I in our bedroom, and son Caleb sleeping in and moving his home office into his bedroom, every other corner of the house was used.  Daughter Sarah and SIL Lance took the guest bedroom, and a crib was installed in their walk-in closet for baby Gabriel.  Daughter Lindsay and SIL Todd slept in a pull out couch bed in our sunroom.  Grandson Jarrod bedded down in the laundry room, and granddaughter Ellie slept in her tiny inflatable travel bed in my office.  Even the dog's bed was moved to under the kitchen island.  That left the kitchen and living room for hanging out.  Whew!  It's a good thing we really like each other!

Guests began arriving the Monday before Christmas, and stayed until New Year's Eve.  Some of them had fairly long drives here and back home, but fortunately the weather didn't create any treacherous conditions for any of the drivers.

Daughter Sarah, grandson Gabriel, and SIL Lance
Some of Lance's relatives in for a day
It's always fun having a baby in the house, and of course babies come with quite a bit of paraphernalia. This baby is just so full of cuteness, and although we were sure he'd be crawling by the time he went back home, it was not to happen.  Up on his hands and knees, and rocking forwards and backwards, but that's where he'd stop.  By now I'm sure he's all over the place.

grandson Gabriel, 7 1/2 months
There were a few unscheduled flights every now and then.

Gabriel and Uncle Caleb
Not to worry, folks, Caleb's a certified pilot.  He did, however, mention, something about the landing gear feeling a bit out of kilter on touchdown.

There was quite a bit of cooking with all those guests, and the kitchen sink was well used.  A few other important things happened in that sink, too:

There were gifts galore, and of all varieties.  Here Lance models his new sleep mask:

Grandtwins Tori and Brianna received a fun box chock full of dress-ups and cool accessories, and along with Granddaughter Ellie gave us a stunning fashion show following a family dinner and gift exchange.

New lego sets allowed for some cute bonding time between granddaughter Ellie (3) and her uncle Caleb.  What 27 year old guy doesn't like putting together a pink and purple princess castle?

Twins Tori and Brianna received some new whodunnit clothing. You could probably say these shirts tell the story of their lives.

Adamant dog lover, son Caleb, tried to make peace with a cat while visiting his sister Rachel's home.

Caleb and "Vada"
Don't worry Sheila, he still loves you best.

Caleb and Sheila
With all those guests in the house, Sheila didn't always have her favorite spot on the couch available, and so she wandered around the house, going from guest to guest, looking for a place to be.

Although everybody had a happy, healthy and safe holiday, tomorrow Sheila will be heading to the animal hospital to be put "under."  A nasty, painful, resistant ear infection finally needs some serious intervention.  I'll follow up with an update later.

As I said, all our company left and by now are home safe and sound, and back into their regular routines.  I'm told they've all taken down and put away their Christmas decorations, but not me.  I'm holding out for another week or month or so.  Now that things around here have calmed down, I finally have a chance to look around, breathe, and enjoy the decorations.  

Happy New Year family and friends!  I hope your 2015 is packed full of all the stuff that is truly valuable!


  1. Looks like a great time:) I thought we were crowded with 7 for the Holidays, but ten-wow:)

  2. There is just too much cuteness in the post! The baby is adorable! <3 Thanks for sharing!